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Comment Re:eliminate extra sugar (Score 1) 496

Citation required. There is nothing wrong with sugar. Period. Go put down your Good Calories, Bad Calories book. Nothing wrong with sugar is even more true when it comes from fruit, and is still in its fruit form (aka not processed to something). There is no credible science that says you have to cut out all sugar.

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Bull. There is very little difference between the calories to maintain a pound of fat, and a calorie to maintain a pound of muscle. I forget the exact amount, but is is somewhere around 7 calories a day difference. So losing 10 pounds of body fat, and gaining 10 pounds of muscle might give you a BMR difference of 40 cals a day. Big whoop (in terms of bmr) Please don't quote the 50 cals/day value to me.

Comment Re:Common sense (Score 1) 496

In fact, it is likely not 2500 cals in 3 hours either. If I used a HRM strap, it would likely be lower then 800/hr, and HRM would still likely overestimate. But mostly I responded as "Plus if you do a little bit more intense exercise than strolling, it's a little more of a factor. I burn around 1000 calories for an hour of running." seemed extremely flippant. There is a pretty large distance between strolling and 16 cal/min exertion which is really only attainable by the highly trained endurance athletes, especially to hold for full hour. That is a pretty small segment of the population.

Comment If I can do it, anyone can (Score 1) 150

On Jan 1, 2012, I was 265 pounds. For years I was telling myself I wasn't _that_ fat, just a bit of a gut. Well that bit of a gut was 42 inches! I was tired, had heart burn most nights, back hurt, had to keep buying bigger clothes etc. On Jan 1st, I decided it was time to take control of my life.

I started to actually go to the gym regularly. Not just in spurts for a few days, then off for a week. I disabused myself of the notation that just because I exercised, I could have that Big Mac. I totally changed my eating habits.

Some of the "easy" things I did:
1/ worked out 8-12 hours a week (cycling, running, weights)
2/ Cut out the fast food breakfast sandwich
3/ Replaced most breads, pastas, and rice with salad
4/ Bought a road bike, and starting cycling even more.
5/ Monitored my calorie intake through a web app
6/ Weighed myself daily (made adjustments on a weekly schedule though)
7/ As I dropped weight, added longer and faster runs
8/ Started jogging with guys at work
9/ Set a goal, and finished an Olympic distance duathlon
10/ Started competing in 10k races
11/ Portion control ftw
12/ Cut out diet pop (baaaad for you)
13/ Drink water, or milk
14/ Walk to places and take the stairs instead of the elevator
15/ Watched out for high glycemic foods (not anal about it, but try to watch out)

I hit my target weight of 165lbs on the 21st of December (just had to beat the Mayans of course :)

You know what, I feel great. Look great. Can run a 10k in 46 minutes (not a great time for sure, but no heart attack :). I buy new clothes now because my old clothes are too big. I have better sex. I have more sex. I haven't been sick in months. No heart burn (welcome bike in my life spicy food), back doesn't hurt. I am smaller then I was in college, and high school. I can eat what I want now knowing that my output will take care of it within reason of course :)

If I can do it, anyone can do it. Start easy, make small changes. Take the salad instead of the fully loaded baked potato. Have a protein fruit smoothie instead of the bagel for breakfast. You can do it!

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