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Submission + - Ask Slashdot: Prototyping a Realtime Video Processing Algorithm?

dryriver writes: Myself and 2 fellow programmers have written a video processing algorithm in C# that does some pretty useful things, but that, annoyingly, only runs at around 1 — 2 frames per second under .NET 4 (managed code). We now want to take a crack at creating a realtime version of our algorithm that can process a live video feed at 25 — 30 FPS, but we don't know where to start with this. Writing a GPU accelerated version using CUDA or OpenCL will be difficult and time consuming, since none of us have any prior experience with GPU programming. Same thing goes for using an FPGA or similar accelerator hardware. We have no experience programming for that. We keep thinking: "There must be some clever software environment that allows custom-written video processing algorithms to run in realtime." But we don't know what that software environment might be, or what it is called. We've googled around for such a solution, but haven't found anything usable so far. Does anybody in the Slashdot community know a clever software environment — possibly open source — that would let us create and run a 25 — 30 FPS realtime version of our video processing algorithm? We really need this to happen, as virtually all companies we have shown our algorithm to ask to see a realtime version of it running on live video, before they negotiate with us about commercializing our algorithm. Thanks very much in advance, fellow Slashdotters, for any advice given!

Submission + - Is there a web RAD tool or approach used by the masses to build real code?

caboosesw writes: "I'm a geek who has faded from the keyboard (funny to read but I digress). I have a client that wants to capture simple metrics in a database ... a grid of metrics ... editing rows inline ... drill down into a form for full data entry ... etc. In 1992, I'd code it with a bit of effort in FoxPro. About 1995 I'd have cranked this out in PowerBuilder with some simple Datawindows. In 1998 or so Access was our tool of choice ... but I just haven't seen a great RAD environment for building data capture and reporting systems for the web (no matter how many coders I ask). It seems handcoding and needing a designer is the situation today. I'm intrigued by some stuff we've done with but still haven't found the 2012 development environment to build these apps quickly (with a programmer ... not for a mere former dev now power user). Someone also mentioned Lightswitch (gasp! Microsoft!) but that seems primitive. Any leads?"

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