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Comment Re:Of course this happens. (Score 1) 210

A friend of mine is in the physical security field and I noticed when they started to IP stuff for the DVRs, and he would ask me about port forwarding and all sorts of networking stuff. I told him they really should start paying him more since he has to learn networking now and really they should be sending him to classes. Of course they never did and just expect the low-voltage wiring guys to figure out IP routing on their own.

Comment Taxation Without Representation (Score 1) 434

I don't get to vote on how other states handle their taxes, so I shouldn't have to pay them. It's also way to much of a burden for every online merchant to handle the tax codes for all these different states and their ever changing rates, big companies can handle it so this will just squeeze out small businesses. If the federal government wants to have a blanket internet sales tax I would be fine with that because I actually have representation there. If the shipping address is within the US the US Treasury gets 1%, otherwise no tax which is simply enough for merchants to handle. If this passes everyone will move their online presence to states with no sales tax like Oregon.

Comment Baby Wipes + Running + Healthy Eating = Fit (Score 1) 635

Keep running shoes in the office and bring a fresh pair of gym clothes in every day. Before lunch go for a jog. After the jog do some lunges or push ups, switch it up each day. When you get back to the office go to the bathroom and run your head under the sink, strip down, wash yourself off with a bunch of baby wipes and spray your whole body with deodorant. Basically, a whores bath. After getting your work clothes back on go to your desk and eat your lunch which consists of a salad (no fatty dressings), some nuts and a serving of fruit. At this point the only liquid that exists to you is water, after a jog you will learn to love it more than anything else. Try slamming a Dew after a big run and see what your body thinks about that horse piss.
Instead of taking that long of a "lunch" break, eat a healthy lunch at your desk and leave work early to have time for the gym. If either of those options don't work, you need to find a new job that can accommodate some gym time in your life. No matter what you do though you have to start eating healthy ALWAYS, especially if you can't find the time for exercise. If you eat garbage and work out you will still look like garbage, you'd be amazed at how few of calories you burn when working out and how much there is in the food we shovel into our face.

Your body evolved to chase prey over long distances on foot; to fight, to walk around all day scavenging; to eat meat occasionally, and to go days without food. The way you're living your life doesn't even come close to that level of excursion or occasional starvation. So to make up for it you have to run like a bat out of hell 1 hr a day and eat like a rabbit, that's the tradeoff. I know it sucks, but it's what us cubicle people have to do to attempt to restore balance to our body. Needless to say the best job choice I ever made was finding one with a gym in the same building.

Comment Controversial story? (Score 1) 1174

-"DC will quietly kill off the controversial Card story entirely"
So what's the controversy with the story? Is Card finally going to end Clark Kent and Jimmy Olson's civil union? Is he going to have Lex Luthor marry Superman as a political maneuver so when he gets elected as president Superman will be in the white house even though he can't legally hold office since he was born on krypton? Which pisses of the rest of the world creating WWIII and complete annihilation of the entire planet leaving only Superman floating alone in space with a kryptonite butt plug in his ass jerking it to a picture of Bruce Wayne? What is so controversial with his story other than it is being written by Card who has criticized gay marriage? I'm more afraid of people no longer speaking their minds because of fear of backlash than of some homophobe writing another shitty Superman story.

Comment Re:The next step is WiFi calling (Score 1) 102

yeah, but this is already true for people with Vonage boxes at home and they seem to do fine...mostly. I mean you're right and all but the biggest factor is how well your WiFi handles VOIP because you're going to get a lot dropped packets on wireless and voice traffic is connectionless so it'll be noticed.

Comment Re:Online security for banks is a joke. (Score 1) 195

I have fidelity and it's strictly alphanumeric for the password and if I call I use the keypad to input my password. So yeah, they took my lame alphanumeric only password and then created an even simpler numeric only password for phone authentication. I'm pretty sure anyone that knows my social and DOB could reset my password anyways as well. So basically, where I have all my savings (employee 401k) I have the least amount of security compared to any other website I use.

Comment Re:but my LAN security! (Score 1) 505

If your Access Point supports multiple SSIDs you should be able to place one in a DMZ like environment. Then they would only have access to the internet, you could even restrict it so they couldn't even see anyone else using the same open SSID. If your AP doesn't support multiple SSIDs but your router does support a DMZ type interface you could get a separate AP and plug it into that DMZ port.

Comment It's a waste of money, privacy is a non-issue (Score 1) 297

I can't believe anyone is talking about privacy, there isn't suppose to be privacy in school. You have attendance at every class and you have to sign out to even go to the bathroom. It's just a bad idea because it won't accomplish anything and the system will be gamed, more security theater to line the pockets of some company. Legislation is overkill but parents of school districts proposing this should definitely fight it, for sane reasons though.

Comment Re:doesn't matter (Score 1) 1152

It's a good starting point and it should be fairly effective against any non-Catholic or non-Mormon Christians. I only distinguish because the Catholics have their Pope that can make all sorts of decelerations in the name of god and the Mormon's have their Prophet who can do the same. The other Christian groups are completely reliant on the bible. Yeah, they have leaders that like to interpret it for them but all their power comes from what the good book says. You have a chance at pointing out some of the flaws because they don't view their leaders as infallible voices of god.

Comment So we hate electronics around here now? (Score 2) 372

I can't believe how many comments there are about how the iPad is evil and paper is good. Isn't this a technology site? Do some of you watch Star Trek episodes and get angry that they just don't have paper and pencils since those damn consoles keep exploding every time they get hit by a tachyon burst? Is there that many people opposed to change around here or do you just hate all things apple? If you hate apple, fine, ask why not android. But don't get angry at the FCC and AA for trying to improve efficiency by utilizing technology.

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