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Comment Re:It's the CPU-flavors thing all over again (Score 1) 92

This is to do with the modem chips in the phones. The intel chips don't have the functionality to work on Verizon's non lte networks, so Qualcomm chips were used in the Verizon model. This is why a phone purchased for att&t or tmoblie won't work on Verzions network if LTE is not available.

THe Qualcomm modem is theoretically faster than the Intel modem on LTE, but real world use is unlikely to ever see the difference.

Comment Re:Well Geek Squad didn't plant the child porn (Score 4, Informative) 164

I would think they methods they use are really unimportant here, given the level of direct involvement by the FBI here. This is akin to giving a PI a list of names, what to look for, and then paying them if he finds anything.

Geek squad is clearly acting as agent of the FBI here. All evidence should be disallowed due to lack of warrant.

Comment Re:Uh...yeah! (Score 1) 391

CEO pay is determined by the Board of directors. CEO's are often also members of the board of directors at other companies. " You vote yes for my pay raise, and I'll vote yes for your pay raise" And so the circle jerk continues with pay raises, bonuses, and perks, regardless of performance. Is it really a surprise then that the CEO pay has risen as fast as it has?

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