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Comment Re: M$ fail (Score 1) 249

It's not just the distro's, it's also the users the drive new people away. Linux needs good word of mouth to grow. Everytime a new users comes in asking the same dumb questions and gets a bad response they tell everyone they know that linux users are assholes and not to bother with it. It's a small community and so negative replies stand out more. You want it to grow you have to reply to every dumb question that's been asked a million times, with a polite response and not just "rtfm" or "google it".

Comment Re:Meanwhile, in Canada... (Score 2) 136

This is such a crap excuse. Take NYC for example, one of the highest population density cities in the world and yet you can't even get FIOS in most of the city. ISP's simply don't want to offer faster service. Verizon won't because they want to push you on to the wireless network, and time warner/charter doesn't want to lose cable tv subscribers to streaming services.

Comment Re:Have to give it to Apple..... (Score 1) 771

A thinner phone means a smaller battery as well. Keeping the headphone jack sets a minimum size limit on the thickness of the phone. IF the headphone jack is the limiting factor, then by keeping the jack we should see longer running phones. I'd say that would be a far better improvement than having a few mm thinner phone.

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