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Comment My solution to this: (Score 1) 720

Steam in-home streaming. I use this every day.

My gaming rig is in the basement hooked up to the gigabit LAN port of my wireless AC router. My thin, light, cool and quiet laptop is now my gaming rig right on the couch while we watch TV or whatnot.

In the same vein, if my kids want to play a game I have a cheap, quiet small form factor PC hooked up to the TV with some 360 controllers plugged into it, same deal. Stream away. No noise, no heat, and the gaming rig stays nice and cool (and comparatively dust-free in the unfinished portion of my basement.

Worth a look, especially since you mentioned you're a Steam user already.

The Perfect Way To Slice a Pizza 282

iamapizza writes "New Scientist reports on the quest of two math boffins for the perfect way to slice a pizza. It's an interesting and in-depth article; 'The problem that bothered them was this. Suppose the harried waiter cuts the pizza off-center, but with all the edge-to-edge cuts crossing at a single point, and with the same angle between adjacent cuts. The off-center cuts mean the slices will not all be the same size, so if two people take turns to take neighboring slices, will they get equal shares by the time they have gone right round the pizza — and if not, who will get more?' This is useful, of course, if you're familiar with the concept of 'sharing' a pizza."

Comment Re:wow = horrible game (Score 1) 278

Shards of Dalaya is an absolute blast to play. Sure it's got dated graphics by WoW's standards... but the storyline, loot, zones, is 100% unique and much more fun than the game it was derived from.

Winter's Roar may have been halted 14months ago, but it came back with a vengeance (a legal one, I might add) a few months later, as Shards of Dalaya.
Incentives for getting friends etc to play is a nice touch, too. It all adds a unique experience (pun intended) to MMORPG'ing.

Not to mention that the development staff is also working on a new, standalone MMORPG, called Dawntide.

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