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Comment Ummmm..... (Score 0) 413

Scientists have been trying to prove unified theory for a VERY long time. And there is MOUNTAINS of evidence for it. Unified theory would also provide STRONG evidence for our living in a simulation. If it has a master equation, the likelihood of our reality being "Programmed" goes up many thousands of percent.... We need to stick to Einstein and others pioneering work in unified theory and try to prove it once and for all. The LHC and CERN are the likely place for this to be proven. Stick to the hard science, and prove this. Because it IS very likely... Just consider the duality in ALL things... Its startling. Consider the precision it takes just to walk across a room. WE need to be more open minded about creation and reality. Its facts are likely to be the things of human fiction and fantasy. Time to Think WAY outside the box. IMO.

Comment Re:Their job? (Score 1) 246

Try about 1400 years ago... A Few Questions for you... when was the last Cure invented by Muslims? The Last Surgical Procedure? The Last Great Piece of Technology? The Last Great Scientific Discovery? Then was the last time they lead a Humanitarian mission, to say, anywhere? When was the last time Israel, Iraq, Iran, Syria, Pakistan, or Afghanistan took in Refugees? When was the last Vaccine they invented? The last Nobel Prize? The Last Accomplishment in Space Travel? The Last Accomplishment in Women's Rights? Their Last Peace Accord? Their Last PUBLIC Admonishment Of The Muslim Brotherhood, Hamas, ISIS, the Taliban, the Rapes in Cologne, or ANY of the Recent Attrocities attributed to their people? Typically, I see them making excuses for Terrorists. nothing more. Show me their VALUE to society... I would TRULY like to see it. They invented Algebra about 2000 years ago. So that does NOT count. Show me what good they have done for the world LATELY. Last 1400 years or so. List their accomplishments. Lets hear it. :-)

Comment Considering.... (Score 1) 246

That some of the exploits they decided to hang onto, were actually malware code samples that would allow them to attribute attacks to foreign governments. When in fact they had nothing do to with said attack. In addition to this, they appear to have held onto exploits for vehicle control systems, that would allow them to ASSASSINATE people without detection. This is CERTAINLY NOT what they were hired to do. Not by any of the US citizens/agents that I know anyway. These are EXPOSED Black Ops Projects, by any other definition. Its time that someone unbiased investigated the CIA/NSA... They clearly are into some things they shouldn't be. Things that are CLEARLY ILLEGAL...

Comment Yet They Still use Foxconn... (Score 1) 86

And have installed Suicide nets, rather than improve conditions for the workers... They rather catch them as they leap to their attempted death, and avoid paying their families anything, as they work them to death in stead... ANYONE who buys/owns apple products CONDONES THIS DESPICABLE PRACTICE! There are FEW tech companies whose track record on human rights in the workplace while using the equivalent of SLAVE LABOR, is as poor as Apples. This Story is as deceptive as MOST of the liberal Bullsh|t coming out of this site lately. Sad Really. News for Nerds getting Awfully Political and Biased these Days... Hard NOT to notice.

Comment Re:Until Data Collection is 100% Removed... (Score 1) 211

You loaded liberal bullshit question, can be answered by someone stupid enough to believe they owe you an explanation of something anyone with access to google and 2 seconds can determine. But since you are having to ask me what it means, I'll just go ahead and make the educated guess that you are simply too stupid to look it up for your self. :-D (FYI, you are the FAILEST troll ever :-) just terrible! :-D

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