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Comment GOOD. Close them ALL... (Score 0) 119

GameStop is notorious for terrible pay, terrible employee treatment, unreasonable sales goals, complete ignorance of what gamers want, and just generally not making good decisions in regards to making customers happy at all. People are voting with their dollars... Gamestop has created a terrible and toxic environment for its employees, and DESERVES its fate. Each and Every GS Executive is Guilty of the Crime of Avarice and Ignorance. The Result is what you See here... 150 Stores will become MANY more in 2017. If you own stock in this company, the time to sell is now :-)

Comment Ummmm..... (Score 0) 418

Scientists have been trying to prove unified theory for a VERY long time. And there is MOUNTAINS of evidence for it. Unified theory would also provide STRONG evidence for our living in a simulation. If it has a master equation, the likelihood of our reality being "Programmed" goes up many thousands of percent.... We need to stick to Einstein and others pioneering work in unified theory and try to prove it once and for all. The LHC and CERN are the likely place for this to be proven. Stick to the hard science, and prove this. Because it IS very likely... Just consider the duality in ALL things... Its startling. Consider the precision it takes just to walk across a room. WE need to be more open minded about creation and reality. Its facts are likely to be the things of human fiction and fantasy. Time to Think WAY outside the box. IMO.

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