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Comment Re:how to fix desertification (Score 1) 124

Here's the webpage:

Here's some google page saying the same thing:

And if that's not enough, here's a 2012 study about it:

Don't be shy, google's your friend! A lots more webpage and study can be found on other site. Agriculture takes a lot of water, it's a fact and especially everything animal related.

p.s. I will let them know about the 404 page so they can fix it.

Comment Re:how to fix desertification (Score 1) 124

Animal agriculture is the leading causes of deforestation. Also the leading cause of fresh water use, thus desertification. The science/facts doesn't back Allan Savory.

In terms of protein, you can produce a lot more by farming vegetables than meat/dairy.

It takes 660 gallons of fresh water to produce a hamburger and 1000 gallons of fresh water to produce 1 gallon of milk. Right now, there isn't enough farm space for meat/dairy to feed the whole world.

Interested in knowing more? Head over to for the full documentary. They also have a facts page:

Comment 3d not a gimmick (Score 1) 261

"Curved screens are a gimmick, much along the same lines as 3D TVs are," said Paul O'Donovan". 3D are now a standard in movie theater, it's here to stay. I'm very happy with my 3D TV, I'm not going back to flat movies. It's not fake, nor a gimmick, I'm sorry Paul but you either have a monovision or you just don't know what you're talking about!

Comment nothing new (Score 1) 58

pingback and trackback are features of WordPress, also known as "remote comments", they are quite usefull to boost the popularity of your website if someone post the URL of your WordPress blog. As Matt Mullenweg from the WordPress project said, there's cheaper, easier and more effective ways to DDoS site. I'm going to let that feature enabled in my sites.

Comment Re:misconceptions (Score 1) 269

Even more rubbish. You clearly did not see Michael's Greger video like I said. He cite all the studies in every video he post. This is mainstream science, however it is too recent to be mainstream (most are 2009 to 2012) so I understand why people are not aware of it yet. The media is slow to pick up these facts. Please, spend a few minutes to do a search for "eggs" on his website trust me you will be amazed to what you find. Don't forget to click the "Sources cited" too! Here's a good one for you to start:

Comment misconceptions (Score 1) 269

Not all vegans choose thise lifestyle just because they want to save animals. That's just a bonus. The truth is because it's an healthier choice for your body (source: Uprooting the leading cause of death). For everyone who think eggs is good for the body should go watch the video of Michael Greger. Eggs have too much cholesterol and satured fat. Even 3 a week is too much. The US government has agreed to not call them "safe" or even "healthy". This new egg industry is an awesome idea which will clearly be very succesful.

Comment missing point (Score 1) 432

Article doesn't talk about the hotel's point of view, what if the customer brings bed bugs and just try to get a rebate. If the hotel had an expert that same day certifying that there's no bed bugs, they could win in court. Also, bed bugs happens in every hotel even 5 stars hey're a nuisance but they won't kill you.

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