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Comment Re:Running Linux in the CUDA Cores (Score 1) 89

This is not how the GPU cores work. There are some efforts to offload some tasks that kernel does and are suitable for GPU like block encryption etc, (in general everything that is parallel enough and can be streamed). For instance there's AES acceleration:

Comment Re:Nuke power (Score 1) 483

Ok. I agree that mining != power plant
But please tell me how do you want to operate coal mines on a large scale without mining?
Costs of mining accidents are identical regardless of dying slaves or volunteers.

Can you point to simulations that show how these 100,000ds of people could die? (hint:
9.0 richter quake and tsunami are not enough to make fukushima kill even single person - for me is good performance of 40 year old nuclear plant.

Lots of people live around chemical facilities and cant move away too. Ever heard about Bhopal or Banqiao? Why single out nuclear plants?

Comment Re:Nuke power (Score 1) 483

This are not power plants.

How do you dare to compare a nuclear power plants safety with 3rd worlds mining accidents?

Are you completely nuts?


P.S. how many ppl died in oil spills? And again: what has that to do with a power plant and its safety?

If you compare nuclear with other types of energy you cant point out to the one link in chain and compare only that. You need factor in supporting industry (coal and uranium mines + oil wells). Please do tell me that no one dies on coal mines and oil wells are safe :) Uranium mines for other hand are pretty rare and you dont need that much uranium than coal.

Comment Re:Now all we need... (Score 1) 1089

Thought about not buying gun at all? That solves most of the problems. In most cases the bad guys shoot better. Actually only guns I ever saw in my entire (22 yr) life were police or army guns. Less guns less probability to be shot. Simple enough for me. But I am an European :)

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