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Comment Re:Bad law... (Score 5, Interesting) 232

Look at 4:43. It is a perfect example of how I would design intentional bias.

Its a freeze frame with the apple logo and the text slowly imposed. "New, Useful, not obvious to one skilled in the field.".

The text frames the apple logo making part of the natural scan of the eyes. The word "one" hangs above the logo.

The Apple logo is the brightest item in image and placed at rule-of-thirds-intersection. No other image detail competes with the logo i.e. no human eyes, no coffee logo, no bag logo, no logo in the t-shirt, no logos in the background etc. Its form is clear despite the filter blurring out other features of the image.

Before and after the freeze-frame, the logo is shown and the direction of the inventor's gaze is always towards the apple logo.

A disgraceful infommercial.

Comment Re:Just for a browser? (Score 1) 240

font rendering issues on Windows

I will point out that it appears work is in progress

It has been "in progress" for so long that stationary might be a better term.

They start adding animations to html elements you can't restyle with CSS

Got a link to more information? I'm not sure what you're referring to.

There were wide-spread issues on their recent releases. You can only auto-update if you are rock-solid.

Link? I certainly never noticed any issues

Read the chrome product support forums or comment rolls on release announcements - its pretty depressing. Countless posts referring to the same set issues crashes, scrolling bugs, inability to pick items from select boxes, flash crashes, modal dialog faults etc.

They already implemented it. It's been used in ChromeOS for a while.

I see. I wouldn't be surprised if this is the root of the problem. They have conflated a web-browser with an OS. No good will come from it except an unfocussed bloated browser and an anaemic OS.

Comment Re:Just for a browser? (Score 3, Insightful) 240

From previous releases its clearly the Chrome team is being mismanaged and has lost its way.

They really cannot get the basics right. A web browser is basically text in windows that can be styled by the page author. Lets see you they are doing:

i) They don't fix the appalling font rendering issues on Windows promptly and as a priority. Most of Google's own web fonts are unusable in production because of this.

ii) They don't follow standard most-recently-used order when ctrl-tab between tabs and they don't see the problem and close any bug report as won't fix. How can Chrome be the platform for office tools and applications when you can't flick between applications?

iii) They start adding animations to html elements you can't restyle with CSS e.g. the zoom ease-in they added to select elements in a recent Chrome. What possible justification was there for that? If you need to use more than a couple select elements on a form the animation effect of using each one is terrible.

iv) They add forced behind the scenes updates (ok) but they then push poorly tested unstable releases. There were wide-spread issues on their recent releases. You can only auto-update if you are rock-solid.

v) They fork from the web-kit project, a once high-point in cross company collaboration for the betterment of the web. Now... beginning of the end.

vi) And now they are going to spend their time re-implementing a cross-platform widget toolkit. How about fixing the fucking font rendering first?

I don't know how the team is being led but it can't be right. Google, time to take an axe to your chrome team...


Submission + - Sarcos Exoskeleton

I will be Robocop writes: Awesome video of a Raytheon subsidiary Sarcos demonstrating an apparently powerful and easy to use exoskeleton for military uses. The exoskeleton is intended to be worn but can be removed to then operate as an autonomous humanoid robot. There are body armour covered mock-ups that are having more than a passing resemblance to characters our favourite our films and games.

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