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Comment Re:Easy solutions (Score 1) 148

1) Smartphones - are we going to ditch those since they can provide more information to the NSA/Government than an Xbox Kinect can?
2) I'd gladly unplug (turn off - still no guarantee since my Nexus 5 has a sealed battery) my smartphone, but since I'm expected to carry it for work (stipend) I can't exactly turn it off.

Comment Re:Laugh (Score 1) 148

What about our cell phones that have cameras on both sides with microphones and GPS? We're freaking out over a Kinect sensor when the NSA is more likely to go after your smart phone than a Kinect sensor because it can gather more data from that device than a video game console could ever provide.


Microsoft Creative Director 'Doesn't Get' Always-On DRM Concerns 572

New submitter SoVi3t points out comments from Microsoft Studios Creative Director Adam Orth about the debate over always-online DRM, brought to the fore recently by the disastrous launch of SimCity and rumors that the next-gen Xbox console will require it. "Don't want a gaming console that requires a persistent internet connection? 'Deal with it,' says Microsoft Studio's creative director. In what he later termed a 'fun lunch break,' Orth took to Twitter to express his shock at people who take umbrage with the idea of an always-on console. When quizzed by other Twitter users about people with no internet connection, he suggested that they should get one, as it is 'awesome.' He then likened people who worry about intermittent internet connectivity being an issue as the same as someone not buying a vacuum cleaner because the electricity sometimes goes out. While Orth later apologized, saying it had being a bit of banter with friends, it did raise awareness that there are more than a few people who are very unhappy with the possibility of an always-on future version of the Xbox. Orth has also now switched his Twitter account settings to private."

Comment Re:Cyanogenmod to the rescue! (Score 1) 463

I have a Fire and utilize the lock screen password. Why people keep saying it doesn't have a lock screen baffles me. You get the full keyboard so you can use a rather complex password if you like.

Personally I really like the thing. It has some software bugs and I would prefer hardware volume buttons, but it hasn't been a deal breaker. My wife has even commented on how much I use it.

Comment Re:How come this (Score 1) 585

Except hospital visits tend to cost more than repairs to a vehicle. Hence the liability.

The thing that baffles me is this dead horse has been beaten before. The problem lies mainly with the size of vehicle we Americans think we need. Europe and large parts of Asia all drive much smaller vehicles due to fuel prices and smaller roads (especially in populated areas that were around before the auto) and don't have fatalities go up with the push for more fuel efficient vehicles.

Another casualty of all the SUVs and tucks is the belt-line of cars has had to be raised giving us smaller windows on the sides of most new cars to compensate for the higher bumper/frontal area of said SUVs and trucks. I do rather like the 300's retro chop-top look though.

Comment Re:Sun (Score 1) 204

It seems the judge is trying to force them to settle now instead of dragging it out. He is telling Oracle to lower the damages while looking at Google and telling them if they lose he will side with Oracle if they opt to force the stop of Android until the code is fixed which would obviously be a bad thing.

Comment Re:IT hates apple (Score 1) 494

Our IT department (Which I am a member of) is not typical then. We run a mix of Windows and Linux for our server structure and Macs and PCs (with a small number of Linux laptops) for the end users. iPhones, Android, Black Berry, Win Mobile, and WebOS on phones...a few iPads too. And we have no issue supporting them and making them work together...and we know how to lock down features of the Mac OS if we need too, but thankfully we have had no reason to do so.

Comment Re:collateral (Score 2) 494

We integrated 30+ Macs into our AD environment, and it was not painful at all. The domain is a mix of 2008 R2 and 2003, so you can imagine that most people would figure it would be difficult to integrate them, but it wasn't. All of them are on Snow Leopard, so maybe that's the difference from your experience? We have all of them logging in using their domain accounts and it was not much more difficult than it is to add a Windows PC to a domain, although some additional information is required to be entered in the Directory Services tool to get them attached.

One thing I do enjoy from a support standpoint is the ability to remote control our work from home folks...we end up doing screen shares with the sales and other regional managers and any training or software issues have been resolved rapidly with that built in tool.

Comment Re:Diablo 3 Forever? (Score 1) 131

I think you missed my point. I bought SC1 and had three races worth of single player content. SC2 came out with just one: Terran. And they have told us that we will be buying 2 more expansions just to get the story for the remaining two races.

SC1 had an expansion and it included story lines for all three races. Do you see why I don't like the way they are doing things now? Both SC1 AND its expansion both had all three races from the start.

And now they've set themselves up on a slippery slope with the battlechest options. Do players jump and buy at full price or just wait it out for the battlechest for a largely discounted price to get all three races campaigns? Guess which one I will be doing in the future? They will get a lot of people that have to have it at release. I, by choice, no longer fall into that category. Hell, I had SC1 the day it released - April 1st, 1998. I remember the release date because I had pre-ordered and I thought the guy was trying to pull one over on me when he called. I had the expansion for it the weekend it came out at the end if 98.

I don't understand where you think I inferred that add-ons were offensive. I have all the expansions for WC2, SC1, D2, WoW, etc. Perhaps my expectations for Blizzard are high based on how they've operated in the past?

Comment Re:Diablo 3 Forever? (Score 1) 131

That's certainly in their best financial interests to release this way, but it doesn't work for me. As such they now have to work harder for my gaming dollar.

The reason I didn't mention WoW is because an MMO is vastly different than a release such as a RTS or a Diablo like game. Blizz does have to maintain the back end for both (, but neither one has persistent worlds to play in and as such the expectations are different and always have been.

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