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Comment Re:Are there more or do we just find more? (Score 1) 203

Such small asteroids hitting the Earth are a lot more common than once every 10000 years. Many will go unnoticed.
The Chelyabinsk meteor 2013 was about 20 metres, which is already larger than that. And the Tunguska event 1908 was a 60 to 190 metres object. The smaller the object the more common they are.

Comment Maybe electric cars are no good for China at the m (Score 3, Insightful) 28

A large part of their electricity is produced in coal power plants, which don't even have sufficient filtering for soothe and sulfur oxide. An electric car running from such power plants is way worse for the local and global environment than a petrol car. More CO2, lots of additional SO2 and soothe.
They should focus on these power plants and on their kitchen fireplaces first.

Comment Re: YES (Score 1) 313

Maybe intentional overbooking is forbidden. But several airlines sell tickets that allow you to fly anytime without prior notice.
So, how does that work, if several people with such tickets decide to take a fully booked flight? Someone else will be told that the flight is overbooked, and the people with their expensive flexible tickets get what they want.

Comment Re: We're so screwed (Score 1) 293

I think this effect of tectonic plates swimming on the molten lava below could completely eliminate the effect of melting of ice on the sea level, which would explain why it is not seen in measurements.
And I have a similar problem with the temperature rise simulations. They don't include any cloud formation in the simulation. They say that if because they are not sure if the effect is positive or negative.
I think it is quite obvious that clouds have a very strong effect on temperature, and that their formation changes with the temperature. I wonder if they are really unable to simulate these, or if they don't want to because the clouds could reduce the warming effect too much.

Comment Re:We're so screwed (Score 1) 293

No. This story itself is not so bad, but I also want to read stories on processes that weaken the effect. For the actual numbers we can only rely on the scientists. I want to see that they actually see the whole picture, and not do a simulation that results only from a search for problems.
For example, when looking into sea-level rise I noticed that the weight of the water from molten ice will increase the pressure on coeanic plates. This will move the oceanic plates closer to the core, while it will lift up the continental plates at the same time. This reduces the ocean level rise.
When searching for this I found a publication where this was actually simulated, from around 1985. I don't know if this effect is taken into count nowadays, or if it was forgotten about.

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