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Comment What is he accused of? (Score 1) 94

Following the links shows that he was accused of spoofing, which is the creation of fake orders to manipulate stock prices.
After some gooling, the problem for me is: The 2010 flash crash occured on May 6, 2010, while the Dodd–Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act, which makes spoofing illegal, only came into effect on July 21, 2010. And it is a US law, which does not have an effect on the extradition from UK.

Comment Re: Perhaps (Score 1) 598

It is a matter of what you are used to.
You need to know a lot more numbers in the imperial system than in the metric system. In metric everything is just 10 or 1000. And how often do you need a liter 8 ways? Well, often enough that I know that it is 125ml, and that there are marks for this on measuring devices, but the point is that it is really not a problem.
And we still measure times and dates the same day, not in kiloseconds or whatever. This is not specific to the imperial system.

Comment Re:Not putting a spin on things (Score 1) 69

What's the problem with tidal locking though?
I once read that the backside would be so cold that the atmosphere condenses there. This is not what happens on Venus though. The dense atmosphere evenly distributes the heat around the whole planet, making the temperature nearly the same everywhere.
Thinking about Earth I would expect that a constant pattern of air streams could form which transfers the heat between hot to cold areas.

Comment Re:Never meet (Score 1) 69

Teleporting is a crazy science fiction idea, but the small assembler being sent out is what I also think is the way it will go. In the future we can send small probes that will bring life to new worlds. We can design intelligent lifeforms that are living there, and are a kind of the children of our species. We can send all information that is useful. These new lifeforms will grow out of single cells with the help of small machines built for that.
But sending whole people to other stars is just extremely difficult and not really worth it.

Comment I don't buy that (Score 1) 159

The greenhouse gas forming from flooding the land is a one-time effect after the flooding. And the organic material that is deposited from the river would have went into the ocean otherwise, where it would also rot and form greenhouse gases. The reservoirs just change the location of this greenhouse gas generation, not the amount.

Comment Re:dumbest thing i've seen all week. (Score 1) 262

I agree. They see that cancer develops only when too many mutations build up in individual cells, which causes all the safety mechanisms to fail. So many mechanisms have evolved to stop these cells that are out of control. And they conclude that evolution wants them to kill us when they are out of control?
This misses so many points. Though I am too lazy to check if TFA explains their thought process.

Comment Re: Pointless and Useless Speculation (Score 1) 559

It is not certain if it is possible to travel any faster than we do already though. Science fiction is fiction, don't forget. Also, space travel requires large amounts of energy. I think we can do it now because the technological advancement have us an abundance of available resources. This is temporary though, resources will run out, and humanity will fall back into a fight for survival. This will make space travel a crazy unaffordable luxury.

Comment Re: This is why he is wrong (Score 1) 951

For some reason they need humans to produce a certain substance. Not just a bunch of cells, not something without a brain. No, it must be a complete, awake and conscious human, with a machine keeping the brain busy.
This is only good for a movie story. In reality it is a very inefficient solution in any case.

Comment This is why he is wrong (Score 1) 951

It makes no sense why anyone would put all this effort and energy into building this simulation. Energy is a limited resource. Whatever beings are harvesting the energy will use it to keep up and spread out themselves.
This thought is the result of the current abundance of resources on Earth, but this is just a temporary state. It has always been, and the end is already in sight.

Comment Re:FHSS (Score 1) 122

I see how a noise signal will jam a phased array radar. But what about a conventional moving directional antenna? It should easily detect the direction of the noise source and not be influenced by the jamming while pointing in other directions.

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