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Comment RAID is not backup. (Score 2) 174

Repeat after me until it sinks in. RAID is not backup.

RAID is not backup.

If you want to keep your pictures, make multiple copies and keep one in a different location. Tape has a 30-year shelf-life and no logic board or mechanical parts to fail, and there will always be services available to restore them. Tape drives are unfortunately prohibitively expensive.

Find a way. But remember. RAID is not backup.

Comment Re:systemd is the best init system for FreeBSD. (Score 0) 416

This is compounded by the fact that the linux community isn't what it used to be. No longer died-in-the-wool hackers and problem solvers, the community is overrun by cookbook readers just-reboot-it mentality people.

Systemd is a just-reboot-it solution for a just-reboot-it generation.

Comment Tape is still king (Score 2) 326

Any company that I've ever worked for that had money to spend did tape backups and stored them in a vault offsite. Tapes get verified as they're written, and don't have parts that fail like hard drives do. They have a 30-year shelf life, and you'll always be able to find a way to read them in the future. Go to ebay, buy a used LTO3 or LTO4 drive, (400GB and 800GB uncompressed, respectively). Tapes are about $25/ea for LTO3. Then put a backup somewhere safe.

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