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Comment Re:Congratulations! (Score 1) 107

I knew I recognised it! The "Just Read The Instructions" would have been obvious; don't know how I forgot the OCISLY! Jernau (Morat) Gurgeh and Flere Imsaho (if I recall their names correctly, and I think I do) are my favourite pair of reluctant protagonists; so much so that the Player of Games is my favourite scifi novel, I just haven't read it in a couple years.

Comment Re:VoiceOfDoom, *FUCK YOU*!! (Score 1) 260

The question is simple. Can an otherwise viable human be terminated to ensure that the mother is not inconvenienced?

A viable human would be able to survive independently; an embryo can't. Should it be illegal to remove cancer cells? They're human cells, after all, so killing them would be unethical. If you think that's disingenious, consider that an embryo (and a fetus) fit the description of a parasite to a T.

Comment Re: Laptop's on Camelback (Score 1) 126

The 100 billion number was from memory from something I read a couple years ago; a quick google found which estimated 108 billion (I did say approximately!) in 2011. As to everybody dying? Welllll... In the Many Universes interpretation of QT, there are an infinite number of universes, one of which exists solely for your survival. If that holds true, somehow (in that universe) you'll survive past the heat death of the universe; or you'll find a way to avoid it altogether.

Comment Re: Laptop's on Camelback (Score 1) 126

Heh, nah, life's short. Live it like you're going to die. Chances are pretty good that you will. Discounting myths and unprovable legends, I've got a 100% success ratio backing that sentiment. Besides? I'd not want to live forever in exchange for boredom.

Ah, well, yes.... No.

You only have an approximate 92.5% success ratio backing that sentiment. Why? Because there have, throughout human history (and prehistory) lived approximately one hundred billion human beings on Earth; of these, about seven and a half billion still lives. So; so far, on Earth, the fatality rate for human beings is ~92.5%.

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