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Comment Warhammer, the problem with the game (Score 2, Insightful) 137

Many players that left Warhammer did indeed play it for 3-6 months before leaving. If they had fun during that time, I disagree with them calling Warhammer a failure. Most non-MMORPG will not keep people entertained this long. There are just some exceptations that every new MMORPG will be a failure unless they can keep most players for years. I am gonna tell you that this is probably not going to happen ever again for a MMORPG. Today there is simply so many MMORPG out there and some very specialized and many players have already found their favorite game. When new games come they will try it, but after a while go back to their old MMORPG. Comparing to Age of Conan most players left in 1-3 months and did not even reach maximum level, I would call that a failure. Those that stayed then left when they experienced the end-game of course. MMORPG releases are very hyped because most MMORPG gamers want to try it. So initial sales will be very high, but ubscribers will drop drastically in a few months. The question is wether it is 10% or 50% and if it can attract new players. The current problem with Warhammer is also the end-game. It was announced as a RvR/PvP game and since Mythic previously had made DAOC, which is one of the best RvR MMORPG, the expectations where high. I am really impressed by the PvE content of Warhammer actually, it is much better that I imagined, but that was not why I started playing. It is the RvR. And this is the problem. The goal of the game is to capture the other realms main city and fortresss and this part of the game is not working at all, which was a huge disappointment for the players that worked hard to get so far. It is badly bugged, too laggy to be playable and it is also 'instantiated'. The instantiated removes the feeling that you are a realm that are attacking the enemy city. This is not massive RvR, this is just a scenario/arena kind of thing. And the end-gear which is what people are playing to get comes in two flavours. You can get it from PvE or RvR and the different sets are about equal in power wetherr you get it from PvE or RvR. The problem is that is insanly hard to get the gear from RvR because end-game is not working. So everyone simply just farm dungeons over and over, since this is the only way to get it. And this dungeon grinding are exactly what most people that came to Warhammer was trying to avoid.

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