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Apache Resigns From the JCP Executive Committee 136

iammichael writes "The Apache Software Foundation has resigned its seat on the Java SE/EE Executive Committee due to a long dispute over the licensing restrictions placed on the TCK (test kit validating third-party Java implementations are compatible with the specification)."

Comment Re:Strewth (Score 0, Redundant) 419

I guess if your country spells the word 'honored' then by the standards of that country you have correct spelling.
I find it pretty arrogant for you to assume that because the United States has gone down a different path in spelling some words, a path which deviates from the "Queen's" English that they don't know how to spell.
Linux Business

Is LGP Going the Way of Loki Software? 124

An anonymous reader writes "After the demise of Loki Software, Linux Game Publishing sprouted up in its place, and for the past nine years has ported a number of games to Linux. But LGP may now be sharing the same fate as Loki. Linux Game Publishing hasn't updated its blog or news pages in months, has stopped responding to e-mails, and its only active ports are games they began work on in 2002/2003."

Comment Re:Thanks for the insight, Ballmer (Score 1) 375

Well, that is annoying but then trying to make a few changes to an Mac OS X work station on our network to pick up the local OS X Server time rather than is no picnic either. (indecently I can't find a way to stop the work station adding 10 hours to the time because it thinks the server time to be GMT)
I needed to edit the hosts file and the hostconfig.
To do this I went to the etc folder where these files are found. I tried to edit one of the files in question, couldn't save (despite being logged in as admin). So I went and changed the files permissions - requiring the same password as that which I am logged in with. Still no joy. Next I set the permissions on the ETC folder, requiring password. Great, probably should have done that in the first place - like in windows - folder permission get inherited by the files - right?
Start working on second file, click save - no go. I have to go and change the permissions on the file too.

My point is that Microsoft is not alone in this overkill. I do find that these tasks way more obvious and straight forward to do on Win 7 though.

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