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Comment Holiday World (Score 1) 210

One of the theme parks I go to often has had free sun-lotion and soft drinks for about 15 years. It prevents problems. Less people getting sunstroke or dehydrated is less work for your hospitals and emergency staff. You can also recoup the costs when more people visit your area and use your hotels.

Comment Re:Any possibility that sunscreen causes cancer? (Score 1) 210

There is a large difference between life expectancy at birth and life expectancy at 20. Most of our advancements in the last 100 years have been in preventing premature death of babies and children. People who survived childhood lived long enough to get cancer. Wikipedia:

Having survived until the age of 21, a male member of the English aristocracy in this period could expect to live:[24] 1200–1300: to age 64 1300–1400: to age 45 (due to the impact of the bubonic plague) 1400–1500: to age 69 1500–1550: to age 71

Now the above is noble men. But look at that date. 1550. People were living to 71 in 1550. That is only about 10 years below what we have in the USA.

Comment Re:Can you still claim copyright on your code? (Score 1) 135

publish == broadcast. In the USA publishing a work grants you copyright. You have copyright over what you publish on Twitch (assuming it not derivative work) Everything written on the internet is copyrighted. Including this comment. Fair Use exemptions and the terms of use you agreed to when you clicked Submit is why you have a license to read comments. Terms of use is why you can view content on Twitch. But the copyright still exists. You can't take someone Twitch content and then sell it.

Comment Re:Well... duh. (Score 2) 92

It has been true prior to the invention of the internet. Businesses have been keeping personal data on customers for thousands of years. That data is always part of the sale of the company. Companies buy each other to get the other companies customers. You can't purchase customers without transferring customer data. Management of a company can change at any time. So even if the name on the site doesn't change your data may wind up in the hands of new people.

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