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Comment Re:And... iOS6 (Score 1) 198

You have to tether your iOS 6 device to hack it. With this Galaxy 3 NFC hack, a stranger could do it sitting next to you on the bus.

...with your phone unlocked, and your volume muted, and they'd have to touch the exact spot in the middle of that giant phone without being noticed...

Comment Re:Actually looks interesting and useful to me. (Score 1) 368

Actually it doesn't. If someone in your "Circle" doesn't have a Google profile, it emails it to them instead. I can see this working as a very useful universal sharing tool, especially if they make an api which lets you slice and dice +1's/youtube links/reader links etc and then send them off into 3rd party services like Evernote and such.

Comment Patched. (Score 1) 242

The exploit this malware uses was patched in 2.2.2, so this would only be able to work its magic on phones abandoned by manufacturer before being updated to Froyo and/or not running a recent Froyo/Gingerbread custom ROM. That doesn't make this any more acceptable though. Add this to more proof that a revamp in the update system is required.

Comment Re:Fragmentation (Score 4, Informative) 193

The Director Engineering said as much to TechRadar two weeks ago, so I'm surprised this is news. So Phones = 2.X, Tablets = 3.X, until Google reunite the number systems. According to the Dev blog post today, they're creating a Fragments API static library for use with phones going down to 1.6. so universal apps for tablets and phones can be coded.

Comment Re:Waste of effort (Score 1) 76

You've got your techie blinders on. is by far the most popular client by a huge margin, take a look for yourself With those figures, streamlining the web interface is a great investment, as the UI shapes usage patterns and perception. The new twitter screams "platform" from every pore, and is far more efficient at driving users to use it this way. By catching up feature wise, has set a new baseline for clients/connected services.

Comment Re:What *exactly* did the e-mail say? (Score 1) 555

I'm going to reserve judgement until the exact text of the e-mail is published. He can't remember what he wrote? BS. There will be a copy in his Sent E-mail folder. I'm guessing he did a lot more than call the POS a bad name. He probably included some threats, veiled or not, and that is the real reason he was paid a visit and banned from entering the country. But until we know what the e-mail says, we can't tell if the reaction was proportionate to the action. Basically, it's a chance for political bashing. Worthless journalism.

He wouldn't have a copy if he used to send the email.

Comment Re:UI? (Score 4, Informative) 226

From the demo, Google TV requires some sort of keyboard/mouse interface. From the FAQ, it doesn't appear that it will be a standard Bluetooth one. Other the other end, Apple has a simplified remote but will allow for control through one of the iOS devices. I think where the battle will be won is how consumers will like the UI.

At the demo in Berlin they said there will be both Android and iOS apps for controlling Google TV. They even mentioned voice search integration.

Comment Re:Both hands?? (Score 2, Insightful) 373

Except those manuals are referring to blocking the phones antenna. As opposed to the iphone 4 g-spot, which depending on body chemistry touching it can bridge the antenna stopping it from working all together. i4 suffers from blocking as well, but is mostly neutralised by having a stronger signal in the first place due to being external.

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