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Comment Re:Fraud (Score 2) 240

On the flip-side, many people know that a cold will go away in n days with bed rest, but they're employer requires a "note from mom" after n-x days. Once at the doctors they'll usually think, "Well, I'm here, might as well get something for this headache/sniffle/uncontrollable-drool" and flash their blood-shot puppy eyes and whimper until the doctor gives them treats.

Submission + - US Companies Patent Yoga Poses

kgskgs writes: "Acording to this post , The United States Patent and Trademark Office has issued 150 yoga-related copyrights, 134 patents on yoga accessories and 2,315 yoga trademarks. There's big money in those pretzel twists and contortions — $3 billion a year in America alone.
Considering that various styles of Yoga are practiced in India for more than 2000 years, Indians are, to say the least, not comfortable. Government of India is setting up a task force to protect ancient knowledge from , uh.., protection."

Submission + - Scentific American says photon must have mass

mafagafo writes: Ronald C. Lasky, director of the Cook Engineering Design Center at Dartmouth College, in the section "Ask the Experts" of Scientific American, comes to the conclusion that "the photon must have mass". http://sciam.com/askexpert_question.cfm?chanID=sa0 05&articleID=1F16687F-E7F2-99DF-39477FE5DA7426E2 Sci Am and Lasky might want to check http://math.ucr.edu/home/baez/physics/ParticleAndN uclear/photonMass.html

Submission + - too dang expensive!

An anonymous reader writes: So I have this idea but all the legitimate attorneys (as legit as they can be) i check with to get the process all quote me somewhere between $10k — $15k for the whole process with a "cut losses" cost of between $2k-3k if the patent already exists. Does anyone out there have any experience with the "patent helper" firms for the "individual inventor"?
The Media

Submission + - Video Revolution... one search engine captures all

TAPAKAH writes: "I was wondering when would someone come up with a search engine that would combine all of the video sites (youtube, metacafe, break..) together and provide results from all of them. Recently I stumbled upon videobanana.com, cool site that does the job. btw: they have a funny logo and the name. :)"

Mathematica 6 Launched 222

Ed Pegg writes "Wolfram Research has just released Mathematica 6. That link, in addition to the usual 'dramatic breakthrough' material, has an amazing flash banner that simultaneously shows a thousand mathematical demonstrations all at once. The animations came from the Wolfram Demonstrations Project, a free service with 1200+ dynamically interactive examples of math, science, and physics, all with code. For the product itself, much is new or improved, with built-in math databases, improved visualizations, and more."

Submission + - Digg.com Attempts to Supress HD-DVD Revolt

fieryprophet writes: "An astonishing number of HD-DVD encryption key releated stories have gone MIA, in many cases along with the digger who submitted it. As a result, many in the digg community are becoming disillusioned with the "democratic" news site and retaliating in clever and inventive ways. Search digg for HD-DVD song lyrics, coffee mugs, shirts, and more for a taste of the rebellion."

Submission + - Favorite way to coneal a hex number?

EvilGoodGuy writes: Winning Loterry Numbers
Any other base
Scare tactics
Luggage Combination
Little Orphan Annie radio broadcasts
Lie, the number != hex09f911029d74e35bd84156c5635688c0
Cowboy Neal's Social Security Number

Submission + - The Free Speech Flag

HipNerd writes: "I created a simple illustration of the futility of banning information as well as a symbol for free speech proponents to rally behind. Disappointingly but unsurprisingly, it's been banned from Digg with no explanation. Grab a copy. Post it on your site. Let freedom fly."

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