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Comment Re:I know this is a bad idea to ask this (Score 1) 104

I know I will be called a troll for asking this: but how is the SA AG's view on computer games flawed? It should be obvious to anyone that he believes that the views of his constituency (which BTW is more than just teenaged and 18-25 year old anglophone middle class computer-literate males) are not supportive of a "wider range" of content in video games. Given what he does, his decision is quite sensible.

The judicial role is to prevent tyranny of the mob. Just because most people don't like it is not reason to ban something (in theory - I know this doesn't hold well in reality). To ban something you need to prove harm to others. Banning things performed in your own home that does not harm others is against most constitutions and against the founding principles of most western democracies. It isn't the AG's role to curry favour with the electorate. It is to prevent the electorate from using superior numbers to squash the minority.

Comment Re:Internet vs. Comapnies (Score 1) 182

Softwood lumber.
Multiple trade tribunals - finding for Canada. And still the US violates the agreements. I'm getting cynical as to why these restrictions are in place and followed.
Related to the original topic - I too find it annoying when I can't buy shows on iTunes or watch tv shows online due to not being in the US....

Comment Re:It's _not_ crippled by technical flaws. (Score 1) 324

Oh, come on! We all know to be terrified of letting 5-year-olds onto the plane (video). If they share a name, they're bound to share ideologies. And what better place to hide explosives than in a shitty diaper?

I think this might work... the explosives in the diaper I mean. When I fly with my son we carry the diaper bag, and I've not always sanitized it for flying sufficiently. So there is often a larger bottle of sun screen or something stupid like that in it. Now, by the time we hit the airport security it isn't unusual that we will have changed DS's diaper. And we use cloth - really nice ones which I am not about to throw out. So by the time we are in security there is a wet diaper nicely wrapped in a plastic bag in the diaper bag.

Security screens the bag and sees something suspicious - like the sun screen. So they ask if it is okay to search the bag. In the interest of fairness I warn them of the other contents of the bag. You know - not once have they followed through with searching the bag. :)


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