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Comment Never going to happen (Score 1) 130

We are never going to get to Mars so long as NASA is projecting on these time scales. There is no accountability to the current staff as the timespan is longer then their tenures. This is just a means to keep their paychecks funded and to show they are following the president's directives. We have the technology to launch in just a few years, but no one wants to take the actual risk, nor provide for a real amount of funding.

My vote is for Elon Musk at this point.

Comment Uh... yes (Score 4, Insightful) 218

That is, If you like frameworks that are bug free, extensively tested, universally known and hide a lot of the weirdness between browsers and browser versions providing a consistent interface, then yes, definitely learn it, it takes a lot of pain away.

If you like pain, or always want to use the shinny new fancy thing, or want to learn all about IE9 and Opera edge cases. Then don't use it.

Comment Re:Seems Silly to me (Score 1) 258

Humans make good workers and good resources. To use your own resource argument, it would take a lot of resources to exterminate the humans. Why not help each other?

Why does your imagined AI need to expand to the point to need all of Earth resources? And if it does, why would it stay to begin with then?


Submission + - Open Science API Competition (mendeley.com)

ZipprHead writes: "The Public Library of Science and Mendeley are hosting a "Binary Battle". A competition to develop applications built on their public APIs. There's $16,000 in prize money to be won plus other cool gifts. Not as much as the cool million offered for the Netflix API competition, but there is a lot of good karma associated with contributing to open access research that enhance scientists' and all our lives and 16k is well... still 16k. They've compiled a list of ideas sourced from the scientific community. You just have to write the code to wire things together.

Disclaimer, I work at the Public Library of Science."

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