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Comment Meanwhile... (Score 1) 429

The experiment has been successfully duplicated on the East Coast... 'During an experiment in late September, the amount of money released through the [congressional] confusion reaction exceeded the amount of money being absorbed by the central banks — the first time this had been achieved (this month) at any government facility in the world.'"

Comment Anybody Know Why? (Score 1) 729

Does anybody actually know the reason WHY they are removing a useful feature? I would assume it is so that touch (mobile) and desktops can share the same paradigm. The interesting thing about this decision is that Microsoft has failed miserably at Windows 8 and every tablet they ever released because they couldn't wrap their heads around the idea that the two devices serve different purposes. Windows 8 sucks because nobody wants to demote their desktop into a tablet. Microsoft tablets suck because nobody wants to produce content on a device with a crappy or non-existing keyboard. Gnome removing middle-button functionality to converge desktop and mobile will probably end badly for Gnome.

Comment Motive? (Score 3, Informative) 321

I'm sorry I can't give any good advise on how to save icemw. What I can do is give you some reasons why an Open Source developer might be interested in developing a project... You can then try to find a marketing angle that appeals to one of these: 1. At the root of all open source development is the desire to do one of two things: (A) Build a tool of profound use to self and/or others. (B) Build one's skills and/or resume. Unfortunately, desktop management systems are an innovation that we've moved beyond. Today the "wild west" is in HTML5 cloud computing, wearable devices (mobile in general), etc. Sometimes an old technology will get lucky and be used as a building-block to something new and upcoming. What makes icewm so useful? How is it useful in the context of things on the "cutting-edge" today? If you can't answer that in a meaningful way then you may need to face the fact that change is a fundamental (and sometimes sad) part of the computer industry.

Comment Re:Importance of mobile (Score 1) 417

Why is Apple in a bind? They have one of the biggest profit margins of any company in the world. Which is a bigger problem? Having to support two highly successful but different products, or to pretend those two products are the same thing and destroy the user experience on one to reduce your support costs?

That said, I don't believe you can't create a desktop experience with applications shared with the mobile platform.

About two years ago Microsoft figured out what all us regular schmucks are just figuring out now. iPhone and Android have already won the market. Apple is now saying "oh sh*t" because they used a technology that creates binary files that are not compatible across different hardware architectures, whereas Google forced all Android users to produce bytecode because they knew that JIT code would run as-is on a desktop with ANY processor in it. Soon you will see a viable Android desktop that runs all the mobile applications as-is. This Chrome OS balloney is just Google's way of preping the hardware and getting the channels in place before they take over the world. Apple figure this strategy out too, and thats why you see them scrambling to figure out if they can use ARM processors in their desktop.

As for Windows 8. Well, that's just a desperate attempt to stop what is now inevitable.

Comment Windows 8 is a Dumb Idea (Score 1) 417

A tablet and a desktop are two entirely different beasts. Does it really take a genius to figure out that nobody wants a desktop that only shows one application at a time, forces users to hold their arms up for extended periods of time, and perpetually has finger prints all over the screen? It’s a good thing Microsoft didn’t decide to make vacuum cleaners to compete with Dyson. Otherwise the Windows 8 desktops might not have keyboards but instead just one switch that when flipped on causes it to hum and vibrate.

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