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Comment Unlock the bootloaders? (Score 2) 187

Perhaps Google will persuade Motorola to unlock the bootloaders of their phones, to give a bit of assurance that the kevlar-encrusted, gorilla-glassed, nano-coated hardware will have up-to-date software on it for the duration of a 2-year contract? That would be great. And I might buy one...

Comment Separation of the content from the vehicle (Score 1) 256

In my op, part of the problem is the division on the 'net between the content makers (eg NY Times) and the content providers (Comcast). I feel that I already pay Comcast too much for web access, and now the Times is hoping I'll pay them on top of that? That's a tough sell, no matter what the content is.

Comment Re:Steam (Score 1) 310

I wonder if online services like steam are included in that. Most articles don't include those, and I don't think that Valve releases sales numbers. I've bought as many games (or more) than ever, but haven't bought a game in a box in over a year -- because of steam.

Comment Re:Here in the UK. (Score 1) 130

Level 9 was great. The Snowball series was one of the most vivid/memorable games I've played -- ever. I'm still trying to run away from those Nightingales. I used to order them direct from the UK for my Atari 8-bit, and they'd come in a DVD-type case, though they were on cassette.

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