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Comment Re:What everyone fails to accept (Score 1) 525

I don't think so. The sound has to go from speakers to your ears. The movie has to go from the screen to your eyes. Unless they put DRM on your body parts, the signal can be intercepted there and recorded. Or better yet, intercepted in analog form on the speaker or video wires. Most people couldn't tell the difference between a damn good analog recording turned into digital and a digital original anyway.

I heard that new televisions will be made without audio/video out so you cannot record from them. So what? All it takes is one electronics jock to wire up to allow this, release the "patch" and everyone can do it. All it takes is A SINGLE COPY of any work to hit the net and it is propogated as fast as popularity pulls it into circulation.

I actually do NOT disapprove of DRM. I think its the right of every creator to create what he wants. If his creation has DRM integral, well so be it.

If you don't like a DRM product, don't use it. No one is holding a gun to your head to watch the latest Shakira video.

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