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Submission + - TuneCore helps musicians self-publish

Zinho writes: Forget MTV, forget signing up with a music label. Publish your music and music videos on iTunes, and keep 100% of the proceeds! Since 2006 a company called TuneCore has offered publication as a service to musicians, charging a flat rate fee based only on the quantity of music. Established musicians and groups such as Public Enemy, Jaz-Z, and Ziggy Marley are already using the service.

People frequently ask what musicians will do for money if the record labels die; TuneCore may have part of the answer.

Submission + - Online comic "Sheldon" moving to new URL

Zinho writes: Blank Label Comic's Dave Kellett needs your help. He's moving his daily strip, Sheldon, to tomorrow. Unfortunately, United Media (who hosts the comic for most of Dave's readers) won't let him announce it on their website. This will leave many of Dave's readers wondering where the comic went.
Howard Tayler (author of the comic Schlock Mercenary gives further information in his blog:
He is leaving United Media to go completely independent... Dave tried putting a notice in the strip... it got edited out, and United Media won't send a "Sheldon is moving" message either.
(If anybody from United Media is reading this... it may be too late to save the syndication business model, but it's not too late for you to go out of business with a clean conscience.)

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