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Comment Re:Open Worlds (Score 3, Insightful) 74

Kerbal Space Program actually has a very small map. It only renders terrain and physics objects within 2000 meters of the ship you're flying, everything else is skybox. If you ever build a reasonably large space station you'll get huge fps drop. Don't get me wrong I love KSP to death, but your statement is not accurate.

Comment Re:Excellent idea (Score 1) 779

In a lot of areas there is a serious lack of coders. At my company you get unlimited vacation, amazing health benefits and 60k+ salary for an entry level developer position. We cannot find enough competent developers to fill our ranks while we grow. The problem has gotten so bad we're paying people almost triple the referral bonus for developer positions than for management/executive positions. We've hired consultants to take over certain projects because after 2 years of aggressive recruiting we still can't get enough developers through the door.

Comment Re:Institutionalized Prejudice (Score 1) 779

Standard apex fallacy. The top of our social structure is predominantly white male, that does jack shit for any white guy who grew up in a trailer park, had drug abusing parents or grew up in the foster system or an orphanage. Just like all other races, white people are predominantly working class people with limited income and opportunity. It is stupid and ignorant to help one person in need and not another because the latter's race is associated with a small percentage of our population that is rich, regardless of his actual background. It's the same kind of flawed logic conservatives applied to Muslims after 9/11 and liberals are trying their hardest to prove they can be just as spiteful and ignorant.

Comment It's just a fanless swamp cooler. (Score 1) 183

This is really nothing new, we have tons of swamp coolers that work on this principle in Colorado. The thing is you need a low humidity atmosphere for it to work to prevent humidity getting uncomfortably high and you need a plentiful water source because you're going to increase usage by several gallons per day per household in a zero percent humidity environment.

Comment Re:Sony needs to invest in their IT (Score 1) 170

These companies get hacked all the time. For everyone time you do hear about it they probably get hacked a half dozen times more that you don't hear about it. They have no incentive to publicize their mistakes and unless a regulatory agency is sitting next to each admin and developer there's no way to find out unless they admit it themselves, the perpetrators claim responsibility and show proof, or a third party uncovers it. No data you give to a third party is safe, whatever you give out it's to plan what you would do if it got out rather than trust it to be safe and whether or not it's worth the risk of giving out in the first place.

Comment Buyer Beware (Score 1) 95

If you are investing in the video games industry you had better know what you're getting yourself into. The notion that the words of the executives of the company has any bearing on the end result of a product they have no hand in, don't understand and is ultimately a subjective experience is absurd. It's like making investment decisions based off of Disney executives claiming Star Wars episode 7 is going to be the best Star Wars movie ever.

Comment Really? (Score 1) 99

There's a ton of useful applications for stuff like this. You wouldn't use it for access in heavily populated areas but there's plenty of usefulness in disaster areas, remote areas and military application. Not every technological development is about getting Netflix to your home faster. A drone that can fly above a hurricane could be available immediately after any natural disaster except for a solar flare. That could make relief efforts a lot easier, by allowing organizations to coordinate without needing satellite equipment or relying on possibly damaged/destroyed infrastructure. In sparsely populated areas, consumer internet access could be provided at a much lower cost than laying down fiber across long distances for a very small number of users that will be obsolete by the time it is finished being laid. By default these areas will have mobile access as an added bonus. In terms of defense, a robust network that can easily recover from an attack is highly valuable. With drones instead of fixed nodes you can very cheaply introduce redundancy into the system. Even if you had to launch a new drone, it's a lot faster than sending a guy out in a truck to find and fix a broken line. This gives you a potentially uninterruptible network.

Comment Re:Ummm ...what? (Score 3, Interesting) 142

There's a difference between the federal prohibition of all alcoholic beverages and telling someone to put their fucking phone away for 20 minutes while they operate a 2 ton weapon. One is an absolute ban and the other is requiring you by law to be a responsible adult and not partake in activities that have been proven to kill people while driving and to perform those activities at a safe time.

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