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Comment Re:This changes nothing. . . (Score 0) 449

Yes, this is true, unless you are black. In Seattle, WA, where I live, %8.5 of the population is African American but before legalization blacks make up %35 of pot possesion busts despite the fact that black people smoke less weed than white people. This is why legalization is important; not because of allocation of reasources or strained guvernmental budgets but because possesion is a flimsy excuse to arrest and prosecute people of color. Here is an excellent article on the subject.

Comment Re:On the oil/steam separator... (Score 1) 144

I think the only problem with the oil and watter separation process would be if there was a problem with there being minute amounts of watter in the oil or vice versa.

Note that the oil and water are not leaving the piston in the same phase. The oil is leaving as a liquid and the watter as a gas. These would be very easy to seperate. As you mentioned the steam would be slightly contaminated with oil and there may be some hydration of the oil if the oil is cooled to below 212 but is that a problem?

The steam would be condensed and then just re-injected into the cylinder. If there is watter in the oil then when the oil is reheated all you have to do is provide a vent for the steam.

Comment Re:The Name (Score 1) 737

Yes words are just collections of syllables or phonemes that one utters from ones mouth. It is not physically striking someone or disenfranchising them or taking there homes and property or enslaving them. But words carry with them all the power of history and potentially all the things I just mentioned.

Like other people when I hear a word I go back into the file of words in my brain and bring up what that word means to me. For example if I hear a word like "file" it makes me think of manila folders, file systems, methods of organizing data, etc. When I hear a word like "gimp", as a disabled person, my primary exposure and association to that word is as a weapon being used against me. It can bring up all the pain, sadness and anger of being attacked over and over again my entire life for things I can do nothing about. Of being pervasively, systemically and viscerally devalued not just by institutions that have no concept of accommodation or dignity for people unlike themselves but by bigoted and patronizing attitudes of the public as a whole.

In short "It's the person being offended's choice to be offended" is fucking bullshit. All the trauma of a life time can be brought to bare in just a few words. It sounds like some of the folks on this thread have a lot of privilege when it comes to things like ability, ethnicity, gender, etc. You may not have experienced pervasive attitudes of prejudice so you don't know what it is like. But unless you die young you will. Eventually you will experience what it means to have ability loss and to be old in this society that no longer wants to have anything to do with you. Good luck getting a sympathetic ear when people have attitudes like what you have displayed here.

Comment Re:illegal immigration = modern slavery (Score 1) 835

Mod parent up. Additionally it is our economic policies that have driven so many to our borders. Farm subsidies plus free trade agreements have destroyed much of the central and south american agricultural markets as small farmers have no way of competing with the cheap corn and other commodities flooding their markets. They don't want to leave their homes and families but economically many have little choice.

Comment Submitting to threats does not equal volunteering. (Score 1) 515

They are being threatened with "prosecution with a potential stay in juvenile hall." and "letting kids skip school without a valid reason is, in fact, a crime." How could you possibly call that volunteering?

Additionally, yes, for now, it is just the bad, bad truants. People that citizens would be reluctant to defend or start an outcry over. But this is a pilot program. Once pilots are successful (or I suspect in a case like this, even if it's not) they are expanded to larger groups. I wonder if in the future they will get the ability to track students via their cell phones. Maybe a mandatory smart phone app that periodically calls home with GPS data.

Researchers Convert Mouth Movements Into Speech 154

andylim writes "According to Cellular News, researchers at Germany's Karlsruhe Institute of Technology have developed a method for mobile phones to convert silent mouth movements into speech. As points out, the 'potential for secret conversations just got huge.' You could pass the time by making phone calls from the cinema without disturbing anyone. In noisy places like bars and clubs you could make yourself heard without having to shout."

Comment Re:who (Score 1) 169

You, like most of the rest of the world that exists under "democracy", live in a representative democracy not a direct democracy and do not have a part in the formation of the vast majority of legislation. Hence you don't have anymore part in the negotiation of treaties than you do in the criminalization of theft. This includes treaties that "rob [you] from even more freedoms and rights." The public, of which you belong, voted in those politicians who are "representing" you.

Comment Grate Possibilities. (Score 1) 84

I think the true marvel of this game is if they can build simulation into the game play. If the missions are similar to other MMOs where one is railroaded into building X module Y times to accomplish the mission the game will be little different than any other MMO that requires you to grind.

But if they simulate the actual dangers and pressures of entering space the possibilities of this game truly excite me. For example if a player needs to build a space ship to travel from the moon to mars they have to take into account: solar wind, high speed particles and meteorites, deadly radiation, life support, power generation and many other variables. One may build a large enough functional life support system but it's size may be to grate to be protected by the radiation shielding but adding more shielding would make it too massive to get to mars in time given the alloted fuel. She would then have to build a more streamlined life support or maybe make it a robotic mission. After construction of the ship simple (don't want to tax the servers too much) simulations would be run on how the normal forces of space affect the craft along with random encounters such as meteor showers or solar storms (Probabilities of encounter could be determined by weather or not they are traveling through the asteroyed belt, the Kuiper belt, near the Sun, etc.).

These obstacles are fun just to think about, trying to figure it out in a game setting would make it everything that I wanted spore to be: free the imagination and just provide simple constraints for people to discover and overcome with there own ingenuity.

The other great appeal of this game would be the possibilities of exploration. Its one thing to see photos, artistic renditions or even videos of alien landscapes, but to actually explore them in a 3-D environment would be truly amazing.

Comment Re:Privacy has some monetary cost, just like trave (Score 1) 312

This is assuming he has a home. When I went traveling for 4 months I put my stuff in a friends basement and took off with no worries or constraints (rent, return date etc.) Sure he might have a friend willing to set up and maintain a VPN at their house but maybe he doesn't. Also he might not have any money (my budget was about 5 dollars a day) when you're given the choice of VPN or adequate food the decision is clear.
United States

Obama Wants Computer Privacy Ruling Overturned 670

schwit1 writes "The Obama administration is seeking to reverse a federal appeals court decision that dramatically narrows the government’s search-and-seizure powers in the digital age. Solicitor General Elena Kagan and Justice Department officials are asking the 9th US Circuit Court of Appeals to reconsider its August ruling that federal prosecutors went too far when seizing 104 professional baseball players’ drug results when they had a warrant for just 10. Meet the new boss, same as the old boss."

The Mass Production of Living Tissue 157

An anonymous reader sends in this moderately disturbing quote from Gizmodo: "I'm touching a wet slab of protein, what feels like a paper-thin slice of bologna. It's supple, slimy, but unlike meat, if you were to slice it down the center today, tomorrow the wound would heal. It's factory-grown living tissue. The company behind the living, petri-dish-grown substance known as Apligraf hates my new name for it: meat band-aid. 'It's living,' Dr. Damien Bates, Chief Medical Officer at Organogenesis, corrects me. 'Meat isn't living.' But no one argues with me that this substance is really just a band-aid. A living, $1500 band-aid, I should say. Apligraf is a matrix of cow collagen, human fibroblasts and keratinocyte stem cells (from discarded circumcisions), that, when applied to chronic wounds (particularly nasty problems like diabetic sores), can seed healing and regeneration. But Organogenesis is not interested in creating boutique organs for proof of concept scientific advancement. They're a business in the business of mass tissue manufacturing — and the first of its kind."

Submission + - Ask Slashdot.: Finding a VoIP provider

Zigbigadoorlue writes: I move around a lot and I need to stay connected specifically I need a phone number that people can contact me with. This is particularly important because potential employers need a way to call me. Most people don't know what VoIP is and those that do seem to only know about Skype. My experience with skype has been of intentionally deceptive advertising and billing practices, terrible and extremely slow support, an awful (admittedly beta) Linux client and arguably poor voice quality. Although finding an open source SIP client such as Ekiga has proven easy and encouraging finding a good SIP provider that gives me the features that I want has been difficult. I need to be able to call people on PTSN and even more importantly I need a static phone number that people can call me on and leave a message even when I'm not logged on. What have slashdoters experience been with various VoIP providers and who do you prefer? Also what are your favorite clients?

Comment Re:Junk patents (Score 2, Insightful) 284

Actually I think the answer is government non-intervention. The problem is rooted in the government granting these ridiculous patents and subsequently intervening with software development and progress by enforcing them. What is needed is to reduce government involvement by not allowing these patents.

Comment Re:1M bail and 1yr in jail...? (Score 1) 189

We need someone to clean the streets, and really intelligent ambitious people don't really want to do it. Typical street cleaner doesn't need to know what an Ohm's law is.

And what you think the technically uninclined are pushing down the gates to get at those street cleaning jobs? Nobody "really wants" to do menial street labor.


Rival Green Groups Bid To Snatch .eco Domain 223

Peace Corps Library writes "BBC reports that two rival environmental groups are lining up supporters to try to take control of the new .eco domain aimed at green groups. In March, former US vice president Al Gore backed a bid by the California group Dot Eco to operate the .eco TLD, but now a Canadian environmental group known as Big Room has launched a competing bid to manage it. 'We're two different applicants with two different business ideas. Ours is to sell domain names to raise funds for organizations who can effect change,' says Minor Childers, co-founder of Dot Eco. The group has already entered into contracts with its supporters — such as the Sierra Club and the Alliance for Climate Protection — to give away 57% of its profits from sales. Big Room also plans to generate money from the sale of .eco domain names to fund sustainability projects around the world, however, the consortium, which includes WWF International and Green Cross International — founded in 1993 by former Soviet president Mikhail Gorbachev, also believes that .eco could be used as a labeling system to endorse companies with green credentials. Despite having differences about a model for .eco, both groups will 'definitely have to sit down' together at some point, says Childers. 'We could be one of the biggest contributors to environmental causes anywhere in the world.'"

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