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Comment Re:When Domination Isn't (Score 0) 738

This is so wrong, please do some research before posting replies like these. Samsung dominates the android market.
Personally I don't get why, must be because they did a 1:1 copy of the iphone with the first galaxy phones. Personally I find these samsung phones awful, they feel cheap and light and break easily. I prefer HTC phones over a Samsung any day.

Comment Re:After Rage (Score 1) 635

Wow, you seem pretty mad over this. I'm guessing you're a linux user who's excited about valve coming to 1 of the 20.000 distros available (me too btw). Carmack is still VERY relevant btw. If you think Rage means anything you're fooling yourself. Pretty much every modern 3D engine in some way contains his work or is based on his work.

Comment Re:Really? (Score 1) 1359

Ah yes, that explains why in Western-Europe countries comparable polls give us at average a 32/34% (TOTAL) believer percentage. Why would you feel obliged to answer a poll in a fraudulent way if it's anonymous, no-one will know how YOU actually think about the issues unless you believe a supernatural being that can see and know all knows what you answered in which case you are actually a believer and the poll result is correct.

Comment Another solution.. (Score 5, Informative) 101

Most of the spammers who circumvent captcha's use real people to fill in their captcha's for them. How they do it:
1) A pay-per-filled-in-captcha site (where members solve captcha's, not really getting paid eventhough they think they will be) OR a high traffic site (false/scam sites, hacked sites, etc)
2) Mirror the image from the site you want to spam to your own site
3) A person visits your own site with the mirrored image and solves the captcha
4) Mirror the answer back to the site you want to spam
5) ???
6) Profit! (literally)

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