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Comment Re:Is it fixed? (Score 1) 247

Email is cleartext, even if you encrypt the contents the addresses are wide open for anyone who can sniff the packets to see.

This isn't true. I think you confuse the (unfortunately) uncommon practice of end to end encryption with the common server-to-server encryption (ESMTP+STARTTLS, RFC 3207). No email addresses are leaked from encrypted SMTP connections.

Comment Re:ssh gets by just fine w/o Uzbekistan's CA (Score 1) 84

I don't really like the CA model either, but your suggestion doesn't seem thought through. SSH asks you to actually verify the key fingerprint of the new host key you are trying to connect to; this would be quite hard for non technical users that want to visit their bank website etc.. And like other commented, that would also be a PITA with key rollovers.

No, the real solution I think is developed in the DANE IETF WG: distributing keys through DNS, secured by DNSSEC.

Comment Re:Welcome to Sweden (Score 1) 234

The TPB case is however not a blatant disregard for copyright laws. The case is very important and sets a precedence for the legality of these kinds of services. It has never been tried before and was widely believed to be permitted. The new rulings does change this, but they haven't been made final yet. They can still appeal to the Swedish supreme court (and most probably will).

Comment Re:For those who don't read XKCD. (Score 1) 210

Actually, there was (don't now if "they" registered for this election) a party called "Kalle Anka-partiet" (Donald Duck Party). It is a traditional alternative to blank votes. The Donald Duck Party is run by a bearded old homeless guy from Malmo. "They" promise to give people wider sidewalks and free beer.

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