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Comment Re:I Love the Future! (Score 1) 79

Wow! Just, wow! I mean, I can rent a freaking botnet, and put it on my MasterCard!

The nature of the whole enterprise being what it is, I imagine the idea's more that you rent a freaking botnet and put it on someone else's MasterCard.

Comment Re:So... what ARE those needs and preferences? (Score 1) 432

Definitely agree that, if we're going to have WWII FPSes, the Eastern Front's hideously underrepresented except for Stalingrad. (Really, Russia is in general - a WWI eastern front game would be interesting, though going back to the original topic you wouldn't be seeing much in terms of women on the front lines then..)

Comment Re:600,000 in PayPal - Crazy Nuts (Score 1) 775

That 600K has built up since the account was locked, which usually prevents people from withdrawing money from their PayPal accounts. Sixty thousand orders for a popular game in that timeframe - especially one that's popular on SA and the various chans, and is plugged by TF2's and Rock Paper Shotguns' websites - is entirely reasonable. Hell, Dwarf Fortress pulled together tens of thousands of dollars in a couple of days back in April through a mere tip jar and with vastly less exposure.

It's probably easier for people to say "I'm too lazy to look into the game in question about which I know little or nothing, so I'll just decide he's doing something illegal," though.

Comment Re:I would (Score 1) 280

What about censorship of political, religious, and controversial viewpoints? This is about Freedom of expression and Freedom of communication more than it is about any single issue.

I was under the impression that, constitutionally and legally speaking, Australia recognizes neither as a right.

Comment Re:Heads Up and Activision Statement (Score 1) 543

Which one is it (or is it both somehow)?

If news coverage of it's saying one thing - that the player's gunning down civilians - and the company producing the game is saying another - that it's effectively an interactive cutscene whose point is to say that These Guys Are Bad - I'm inclined to give Activision the benefit of the doubt, even if they're still deep in the failure mines with other aspects of the game.

Comment Re:Is that really enough? (Score 1) 259

While the idea of those Windows-induced problems traveling back through time to, say, influence King Leopold II's management style or spawn any of the other eleven gazillion and three problems that Africa has had over the twentieth century is, honestly, kind of awesome in a horrible way, I'm skeptical that that's how it actually happened.

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