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Comment Re:No surprises here (Score 4, Informative) 61

"Cash only, credit card machine is broken"

Ha those are the best in Boston you just tell them ok sorry thanks for the ride and leave. You are not obligated to pay them then. Then you watch them say that then the "machine is now working" and then they get their 0% tip for trying that crap.

Comment Re:Great! (Score 1) 162

I don't even want to use USB. I want to be able to NFC with my phone, or my watch. If I have to use USB it should be to plug an NFC device into in order to enable this.

Plugging things in is annoying, just let me do a quick touch action for couple of seconds while it does whatever crypto it needs. Make it wireless powered too so I don't have to charge it.

Comment Netgear VPN still has non-resettable keys (Score 1) 26

I have found Netgear to be no worse than any other consumer router manufacturer, and better than several. Many manufacturers have had similar vulnerabilities in recent years, at least they have (finally) responded, albeit under the perception that it is perhaps due to the bad press.

That said, I'm posting here to call them out for STILL not having any means to generate fresh VPN keys on their routers. If your VPN profile security was every in question there is nothing you could do about it short of buying a new router. And frankly, since you have no idea about the state of the keys that came from the factory, it should be.

Netgear, pleas add a button to the web console to generate new VPN keys with a decent key size, and make sure the old ones are wiped/revoked.

Comment Re:Both valid arguments, but more nuance for Uber (Score 1) 357

Uber's position is that they are testing their driving software, but that there is a human driver with their hands on the wheel ready to take over immediately if they feel uncomfortable. Because of this, the Uber vehicles aren't really autonomous, but more like the adaptive driving of a Tesla, which does not require a special autonomous car permit from the state.

Tesla is the opposite: They ask that the driver be in control at all times and keep hands on the wheel.

Technically the self driving systems are only augmenting the driver and not replacing them at this point.

Sounds more like the driver is augmenting the self driving system to me.

Comment Re:Netgear (Score 1) 137

Most home routers have similar exploits (executing commands via a web interface while not authenticated), either currently or recently. While I can't defend Netgear in this instance, we also shouldn't falsely make people believe they are the worst of the bunch (IMO DLink is in the running for that honor).

For anyone affected, Netgear has a beta FW update on their support site today. You need to manually upload it to your router via the web console.

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