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Comment Re:Just turn off the car? (Score 1) 911

I had a car that, for it's entire life, never had power steering. Really, at any speed faster than a jog, you really couldn't tell, and even at slow/stop speeds, isn't too difficult (though I could see it as too much for some). On the few occasions where I have lost power to the brakes, it feels weird at first that the car isn't slowing at the same rate it normally does, but pushing significantly harder (advantage if you have a decent amount of weight with which to push) seems to get the job done nicely.

Comment Re:Stay Classy Microsoft (Score 1) 304

There is Alfresco. I haven't looked much into it, but it appears to be an alternative to SharePoint (even being able to appear as an actual SharePoint server with the correct addon). Has a proprietary enterpriase edition and an open source community edition. My company is considering a SharePoint server, and I've suggested Alfresco as a potentially cheaper alternative.

Comment Re:My opinion (Score 1) 168

Uhm.... Nintendo does have an app store of sorts, and has had such for quite some time. The Wii Shop Channel for WiiWare, Nintendo DSi Shop Channel for DSi and DSiXL, and now the Nintendo eShop for 3DS. It's fairly simple to use and download games. That said, not exactly easy or cheap to develop for, as Nintendo has and still does require all developers of their systems to have valid non-residential office addresses.

Comment Re:Level of writing skillz in this post is 5C4RY (Score 1) 375

I personally do not see anything grammatically wrong with that sentance. I even mentally broke it down into a grammar tree. The main verb of the sentence is "is." There is also a dependant clause, and it's verb is "is damaging." When you start to take out basic modifiers (such as "no" in "no evidence," "children's" and "language" from "children's language play," the prepositional adverb phrase "when using mobile phones" and "literacy" from "literacy development" you end up with an easy to understand sentence "There is evidence that play is damaging development." (Note, this has a different meaning as important modifier words and phrases were removed.)

After carefully dissecting the sentence, I can now see how it could be interpreted otherwise, as the word "when" can be used either as a preposition (as it was intended in this sentence) or as a subordinating conjuction which would then require a full clause, infering that the verb "is damaging" then be part of the adverb clause, leaving no verb for the adjective clause.

Comment Zero Wing (Score 1) 1120

For great justice, someone to setup us a game new!! Main console screen turn on, play for 3-D hours!! Take off every online players, for all their base are belong to us!! What happen!! You know what you doing!! With new zero wing, you have no chance of survive make your time!!

Comment Re:How do you punish a corporation? (Score 1) 593

Hell, they probably have the technology to do so without the dude even being able to make a call other than 911.

I may be mistaken, but I have been led to believe that all cell phones (possibly mandated by law) were required the ability to make emergency calls to 911 regardless of service status. I know with all the phones I've had, with the SIM card removed (no SIM, no authentication, no service, no calls) allows emergency calls to 911 (in fact, will ignore all key presses other than the sequence 9,1,1, TALK).

Comment Re:how about that (Score 1) 204

Unless I misread you, or you made a mistake in your post... In what way are the free student and VS Express software temporary? Other than the eligibility of obtaining student software being temporary (you can't be a student for life), once you obtain the software, you are licenced for life. And, the VS Express products have been free from the first beta of 2005 until this very day.

Comment Re:Fuck Python, no, Fuck C# (Score 3, Informative) 187

Not sure how serious you were, but I think I can counter.

First, you say that C# is a closed and proprietary language. You also say there is no spec for the C# language. While Microsoft's C# compiler itself may be closed source and proprietary software, it is an open standard per ECMA. You also state that developers won't be porting the language to new systems, yet I can count at least two compilers (both open source) available for non Microsoft systems.

You then ask if it can be used to create an operating system, if it can program set top boxes, or be used in embedded systems. Well, yes (Singularity), eventually (it has been noted that one use of Singularity would be set top boxes) and yes (.NET Compact Framework or Embedded Linux with Mono).

You may state these solutions are inefficient or inadequate, and I won't argue against that. However, to say they don't exist at all is not true.

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