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Comment Not surprised (Score 1) 367

Not surprised that site got hacked and is full of incompetent developers and people. If you go there every other sentence has some huge grammatical error in it. The guy running it is completely illiterate. The design is horrible too. I'm sure nobody there knows what's going on at all! Who uses MSSQL?!? Get for real. I thought it was funny that the sentence 'there is a serial killer murdering people from the website' was said all non-nonchalantly in the article.

Comment Not to mention the damage to the vehicles (Score 0, Troll) 285

The fuel cost isn't even the biggest problem. Think about the increased wear and tear on the suspension when a fat person drives a car. 99% of cars don't use progressive rated springs, so a fat person compressing the coils just once messes them up for life. Turning a car with a fat person is harder too and stresses out the tie rods and such. I wish more people would just read this thinspirational fatography blog .

Comment Sorry, but this dude had it coming. (Score 2, Interesting) 418

He broke the law and he's going to do a few years in prison for it. I don't understand what the big deal is? Should I have sympathy for him because he is a sysadmin?

Justice system did exactly what it was designed to do, rehabilitate criminals and deter others from doing crimes.

Next time, is he going to deny people access who deserve that access because of some ideological nonsense? Doubt it.

Though he probably will never get hired in IT again, not just because he is a felon, but because you google his name and there it is, him keeping passwords away from his ex-employer.

Comment Too little too late. (Score -1, Troll) 76

Great, but color me unimpressed.

I'm not going to spend my time dealing with yet another platform that doesn't have an emerging market like the htc does, or an already well established one like apple.

Too much fragmentation, too much reinvention of the wheel. Competition is great, variety is great, but resources being wasted on random nonsense is tragic.

Comment This guy's a joker. (Score 1) 436

"I was shocked that anyone with a box connected to the Internet can spy on what everyone is downloading on BitTorrent."

Really, you were shocked? What were you doing at a tech conference then, you did not belong there. Back in 01 when the bittorrent protocol was released the #1 thing about it was that 'you could see everyone and everyone could see you'. That's pretty much the definition of bittorrent, that's what the tracker does, connects you to other people. How can someone be so ignorant and apathetic to not even have a basic understanding of how a technology that they use works.

Comment This is a violation of my privacy. (Score 5, Funny) 1582

I do not like this feature or the fact that I can not turn it off. Especially the 'read slashdot for [x] consecutive days' part. This is an encroachment of my privacy, where is it going to stop? Are you going to list the dates and times I have read slashdot, and what stories? There goes my job. Kind of surprising and shocking, that slashdot would be the one to sell my privacy down the river like this... And not even to the lowest bidder.. JUST DID IT, FOR NO REASON AT ALL.

Comment An effort underway (Score 5, Interesting) 685

There is an effort underway here to figure out exactly what the purpose of this villainous little program is.. You can download it here (BUT DON'T RUN IT). Right now all the theroes are tentative but we are leaning towards this being either symantec's cooperation with government on cyber spying, or a virus which was accidentally released after symantec themselves was infiltrated by middle eastern hackers (it calls home to north africa).

Submission + - Mexican Authorities Supress News of Martial Law (

Zexarious writes: "Mexican authorities are waging a war of censorship as we speak, to contain the news of a martial law and dooming collapse of their nation state. This might turn out to be a war against tech, more so than a war against criminals. Only a few bloggers have been able to break through the firewall of censorship, likely putting their very lives at risk."

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