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Submission + - Clean Energy from Water Vapor Validated (

Zex_Suik writes: An academic group that includes PhDs from MIT and CIT have validated BlackLight Power's "Hydrino Theory" to be able to harness viable energy from the conversion of water vapor into a stable form of hydrogen called Hydrino. $75M in funding has been raised and Blacklight expects to bring the technology to market in 2013.


Comment Re:Would not one have to spend energy... (Score 5, Informative) 222

I should have linked to this in the submission, but here is the paper From their abstract: "entangled states require less measurement cost because we can perform feedback control without decreasing the entropy of the system, and hence the memory does not need entropy production to compensate for the feedback gain."

Submission + - Anonymous helps turn in hacker who targeted charity (

netbuzz writes: "A hacker who defaced and disabled the website of a New Zealand film company known for helping poor children could find himself in legal hot water in his home country of Spain after his attack spurred a Facebook/Twitter posse that included members of Anonymous, who the hacker may have been trying to impress. "Apparently, one of the (Anonymous) rules is you don't hack charity sites, you don't hack sites of people trying to help kids,” says the owner of the damaged site. “This guy was trying to impress them, to try and get into their group and boasting about what he'd done — but they turned on him, they chased him.""
Data Storage

Submission + - What do you use for secure account information storage

glittermage writes: I'd like to know what /. users are using to securely store account information. I'm looking for a program that has a user friendly interface, supports AES file encryption, allows me to store information on my SFTP site, and is accessible using Windows, Linux, and Android OSs. My children are coming of age where they are going to start registering with sites and services. I'd like them to use something other than my system of writing everything down on index cards.

Submission + - World's Oldest Poison Shows Modern Civilization Began in Africa 20,000YEarlier

An anonymous reader writes: Though Africa is commonly accepted as the birthplace of modern man, researchers placed the birth of modern civilization in Europe at roughly 40,000 years ago. At around that time, stone tools began appearing in civilizations throughout Europe, heralding what researchers almost interchangeably call the Late Stone Age or the Upper Paleolithic Period.

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