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Comment Re:Hardware needs to change DX is obsolete. (Score 4, Interesting) 323

I've programmed DS game engines as well as high performance industrial OpenGL, and the frustrating thing about OpenGL (or DX, they're both just wrappers around NV or AMD) is the inability to send data in the other direction, ie. from the GPU to the CPU without killing performance. The DS didn't have that problem because the vertex processor was decoupled from the pixel processor, and even still you could redirect outputs wherever you like, as well as having full access to the 4 channel DMA controller! We would do occlusion culling on the vertex processor before animation, and also reducing polygon counts for the rasteriser.

Comment The problem is the OS (Score 1) 374

The Wi-Fi issues aren't new, they've been around since the iPhone, it has trouble with throughput dying on 802.11g networks. The fix? Setting the router to 802.11b only mode. Nice job Apple, if only everyone could be as half-arsed as you and still turn a prof- oh wait.

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