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Comment Magic incantations you say.. (Score 1) 623

By analogy, if I invoke several theorems and lemmas to do a mathematical proof rather than killing myself by deriving them again, then I must not be having fun because I'm just plugging into magic incantations.

Errrr... no. These "shortcuts" improve productivity for both programmers and mathematicians and that's good. Getting down to nuts and bolts is also good because it promotes understanding.

Moving on...

Comment Re:EA (Score 1) 161

I've been playing C&C games since Tiberian Sun, and I like Tiberium Wars and Red Alert 3 better than the previous games.

You're not going back far enough.

As someone who has played C&C since the original, Tiberian Sun was the worst of the first four games (C&C 1 and 2, RA 1 and 2), so it's not surprising that you might think the new games are better. But you'd be wrong... the other three games are terrific. The feel of C&C1 and RA1 have never been surpassed. I still play RA2, which is also great fun.

Comment Re:Not happening to me (Score 5, Insightful) 527

Isn't that the point of this outrage? Getting typojacked when you try to go to a genuinely invalid URL?

Actually, no. We've been outraged about that before. It's one thing if I use someone's server and it typojacks me due to a wildcard entry in the name tables. The alleged behavior we're discussing actually prevents* the user from using another nameserver outside of that ISP in order to sidestep the problem.
* (well, makes more difficult, requiring tunneling or something like that)

For quite awhile I've had the feeling that DNS will eventually be brokered through P2P/DHTs/etc with digitally signed payloads, and this type of behavior only makes that idea more appropriate.


Submission + - Microsoft fights Gmail: 2GB Exchange mailboxes

prawnonthebarbie writes: "Microsoft is battling trend for frazzled office workers to give up on Outlook and switch to Gmail: it is promising 2GB+ mailboxes in Exchange 2007 rather than the piffling 50MB mailboxes most workplaces have now. Speaking at the launch of Vista, Office and Exchange in Singapore, Microsoft Product Marketing Manager Martha DeAmicis said it had built clustered replication into Exchange so corporate IT admins wouldn't be worrying about backing up big mailboxes to tape. However its killer feature appears to be its plans to make those gigs of mail available on Joe Officeworker's mobile phone."

Submission + - Dell 300WFP-HC 92% Color Gamut, 30" LCD Review

Spinnerbait writes: "When it comes to high-end wide screen computer LCDs, Dell's UltraSharp line has historically earned high marks. If you're in the market for something huge, you should check out this article at HotHardware on Dell's new UltraSharp 3007WFP-HC. Not only does this monitor feature a gigantic 30" panel with a native resolution of 2560x1600, but it also features ultra high 92% color gamut capability based on new backlighting technology that is currently one of the industry's best. Most other desktop LCD monitors feature a 72% to 76% color gamut. The UltraSharp 3007WFP-HC is going to be somewhat expensive, and at first will only be available with the purchase of an XPS system. The word is general availability will come in February. Drool...."
Operating Systems

Submission + - NetBSD Hackathon#4: pkgsrc

jschauma writes: The NetBSD Project will hold its fourth hackathon from December 27th to December 29th, 2006. In these events, NetBSD developers work with the help of NetBSD users from all over the world and try to close as many bugs as possible. After three very successful hackathons focusing on the NetBSD base system and the kernel, the main focus will be the pkgsrc third-party software installation system and its preparation for the upcoming pkgsrc-2006q4 branch. Everybody is invited to join the channel "#pkgsrc" on irc.freenode.net and help close pkg PRs.

Submission + - My little undecided Mathlete

Mom of mathlete writes: "Who better to ask than you? My 17 year old daughter has quit all athletics to spend more time on math and science courses in high school She likes and just seems to get math, even without a lot of guidance. We live in a place so small they call it a village. She wants out of here and wants to do something with math that will bring her more than $100,00 a year as that is what my husband makes and she wants more for herself. Can anyone give me any insight for her about what fields are available. The guidance counselor at school is pushing civil engineering but you are only talking 50-80k. Anyone have any comment on fields, schools, anything?"

Submission + - Are Slower Processors Better?

deadline writes: "Last month at the annual supercomputing show, there was a different kind of system that seems to buck the current trends. Instead of handful of faster and hotter processors, a new company called SiCortex is using a bucket of slower cooler MIPS processors (5832 cores to be exact). The whole cluster computer takes up 5 square feet of floor space (1.4 square meters) and is expected to deliver 6 TFLOPS with a power signature of only 16 KWatts. Each MIPS core sips only 10 Watts. Linux, the HPC workhorse, was the OS of choice for this new machine. Interesting pictures and discussion on ClusterMonkey as well."

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