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Comment TL;DR (Score 1) 121

Gist is....I want to sit on a few company boards after I leave office and lobby for Google. Here's my lobby pitch in advance. We've got lots of problems. I even created a few of my own, so I know the right people. If you are a prospective employer, let me know ASAP if you have any corrections you would like to make, so we have plenty of runway.

Comment Re: Major features are complementary (Score 1) 427

It's a dumb contrived example. There's no reason to use streams for logic that works on a single value. On top of that, I've never liked their API anyway, since its only like half a solution to asynchronous data flow problems. Oh, and it eats your exceptions, because reasons. I used RxJava and found it actually did all that I would have needed the Java streams for.

Comment Re: Smells rather suspicious (Score 2) 44

Run a pirate radio station in the US and you'll be shut down as well. The issue is hardly China-specific. There are plenty of good reasons to shut down pirate radio sites that have nothing to do with ads. I suspect the reason it's a problem in China is because the government tightly regulates internet access there, so the quacks have gone to the airwaves instead. Theyre dealing with radio spam.

Comment Re:Follow the money (Score 1) 156

Google's distributed database technology. When you charge as much as Oracle does for a database, customers expect Google levels of responsiveness and scaling. Oracle is getting squeezed from the bottom by free databases and SQL Server, and is getting squeezed from the top by the big specialized cluster database people. Rather than innovate, they've diluted their value by purchasing orthogonal businesses than don't strengthen them as a database company, the one thing that Oracle actually understands.

Comment Re:Dumb question... (Score 2) 156

No, Oracle actually based their case on copyright this time, weirdly. That's why the fair use argument came up; it's a defense in copyright claims. Apache Harmony has some weird lineage issues which make the license of Harmony code somehow different than GPL, a problem that evidently OpenJDK doesn't have. Current and future Android stuff won't be affected by this claim.

Comment Re:Honest question time (Score 1) 156

I have, but they have always been products that Oracle has acquired from some other company merger and then slowly strangled to death. Frankly, I've been worried that MySQL would shrivel up and die after the EU decree expired, given the low level of activity until very recently, but it looks like it's turned a corner. Now the shriveling is happening on the Java EE side.

Comment So much for "vulnerability equities" (Score 2) 272

The vulnerability equities process, where lawyers decide whether to disclose to US citizens a vulnerability or keep it to themselves, seems pointless if NSA tools are going to leak to the black market anyway. This is yet another reason why the government cannot be trusted with defensive security measures, they are too conflicted about actually doing it.

Comment Re: My fat white ass... (Score 1) 446

Morell (who will probably be in Hillary's Cabinet) advocated on TV for arming terrorists in eastern Europe and Syria hoping they will kill Russians ("Make them pay a little price" was the phrase he used). I'm not even joking. That shows you how afraid of terrorist groups the government actually is (not very).

Comment Re: "A Russian cyberattack that targeted Democrati (Score 2) 285

That phenomenon is called the "echo chamber", where you have 30 or so outlets quoting and referencing each other in a cyclical fashion rather than the other 29 outlets checking original sources. The result is like the rumor game; eventually what is said is so wildly distorted it's unrecognizable. The problem is that by outlets doing this, is you have so many people saying the same thing it lends an aura of credibility to something with very little actual fact behind it. The root cause is the 24 news cycle, where journalists are pressed to publish as soon as possible, often within minutes of the event. This doesn't allow any time at all for research, so the temptation is to skip primary sources and go to third party sources, which is either the press pool or Twitter. The reason for this, in turn, is their revenue model, which currently revolves around display ad impressions (commercials) or clicks. The clicks don't care whether your info is right. They just care that the headline is fresh and enticing.

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