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Comment Re:Because it was written in Seastar or C++ (Score 1) 341

The issue is that you can't see the artificial complexity of C.

The number of types in C is crazy:

How many types of strings can I have in C? How many types of integers? Fractionals? Booleans?
Signed, unsigned? Why?

Compare with:

For neophyte programmers, writing portable code in C is not feasible.

At this point, you are too far invested with what you do to try a different way.

The kitchen sink is portable, by the way, you need a plumber each time you move it, and a mason, and a wood cutter, and a contractor to manage it.

But it's portable.

Comment Re:Because it was written in Seastar or C++ (Score 1) 341

Porting C code is like moving a kitchen sink from a house to another.
Java portability is like plugging a laptop into another house.

Why (to name a few)?
- Fixed size of primitive types
- Big-endian/Little-endian,
- String encoding.
- Text encoding.
- Compiled code portability.

C is a wrapper for ASM with a promise for portability
Java is a VM platform designed for portability, actually working after compile time.

You are new, its ok.

Comment Re:Because it was written in Seastar or C++ (Score 2, Interesting) 341

1. C is not portable, it's tied to the architectures/OSs/APIs the programmer chose to target at write time.
2. Leanness and close-to-the-metal speed are irrelevant in most business scenaios (time to market rules, cores and memory are commodity, see ABAP and related monsters successfully running most of the world transactions regardless of C).
3. C is not a language meant to implement business solutions, it's a wrapper for ASM for idiots who can't write ASM themselves.(rethorical)
4. Writing string processing libraries is tuff stuff, text can have different endings, (rethorical)
5. You haven't done anything really complicated that requires your focus to shift away from "bare-metal" to "time-to-value", by your own logic ASM is better than C.

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