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Comment LOLZ Converged! (Score -1, Troll) 191

This is what happens to SJW-converged institutions. Soon after they prioritize diversity over their core mission, the institution is unable to perform.

Linux identified this as a threat:
"The Foundation's action doesn't have anything to do with Karen Sandler being the executive director of the Software Freedom Conservancy, but rather, her having been the executive director of the Gnome Foundation, which she bankrupted in three years by devoting nearly 50 percent of the foundation's budget to a new Women's Outreach Program."

Comment That's why alternatives are paramount (Score 1) 262

This is why I've migrated to and These hashes are the start for censoring anything they deem inappropriate, including political dissident discourse. Twitter has already banned thousands of users for posting anti-islamic content even though it's fact based.

We need open platforms if we expect to have freedom of expression. Hate speech can be re-defined until it covers anything they want.

Leave big social media, don't produce content for them. Embrace new open platforms.

Comment Re:Because it was written in Seastar or C++ (Score 1) 341

The issue is that you can't see the artificial complexity of C.

The number of types in C is crazy:

How many types of strings can I have in C? How many types of integers? Fractionals? Booleans?
Signed, unsigned? Why?

Compare with:

For neophyte programmers, writing portable code in C is not feasible.

At this point, you are too far invested with what you do to try a different way.

The kitchen sink is portable, by the way, you need a plumber each time you move it, and a mason, and a wood cutter, and a contractor to manage it.

But it's portable.

Comment Re:Because it was written in Seastar or C++ (Score 1) 341

Porting C code is like moving a kitchen sink from a house to another.
Java portability is like plugging a laptop into another house.

Why (to name a few)?
- Fixed size of primitive types
- Big-endian/Little-endian,
- String encoding.
- Text encoding.
- Compiled code portability.

C is a wrapper for ASM with a promise for portability
Java is a VM platform designed for portability, actually working after compile time.

You are new, its ok.

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