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Comment Western cannon? Rommel included? (Score 1) 371

"Columbia requires all students to study the important books of the western cannon. "

Do they include Rommel's "Gefechts-Aufgaben für Zug und Kompanie : Ein Handbuch für den Offizierunterricht" (Combat tasks for platoon and company: A manual for the officer instruction)?

I know it's not cannon-centred, but surely such a classic must have been on the list somewhere?

And what about his "Infanterie greift an" (Infantry Attacks)?

Comment Road deaths: Germany 9.8; Australia 10 per 100,000 (Score 1) 364

While in theory, I greatly admire the strictness you have described, according to NationMaster figures, Germany's road death toll is just slight of Australia's, which has a pretty easy driving test.

Putting death toll aside, are there any other benefits of this test? More considerate driving? Less road rage? Death toll is not the ultimate measure of road usability, so it would be interesting to hear about whether the strict testing has any effect on road culture.

This is assuming that NationMasters' figures are more-or-less accurate.

Comment "Kudos" no "kudo" (Score 1) 688

Just for your information (unless you were joking), "kudos" is not a plural, so there is no single "kudo". Sort of like there is no "octopu" as a singular octopus. OK octopuses are countable, while kudos is not, but you get the drift.

Maybe a better example would be you can put hommos on your pita bread with your falafel, but not one hommo.

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