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Comment Re:Good! (Score 2) 614

I imagine there was a time when the word gifted was used to describe only children who were above average,

the term gifted is now applied to any student with more brain wave activity than a glazed doughnut.

Those two data points appear to be converging at an ever increasing rate.

Comment Re:Sorry but (Score 2) 72

The difference here is that 1970s cable TV offered vastly different programming that was previously unavailable. That was its main attraction - fans of niche TV genres could find channels that catered to specific subjects.

This appears to be moving in the opposite direction. The idea that users are paralyzed by option overload and want to pay someone to limit those options (the 'far smaller slate')? Doesn't sound like a money maker to me.

Comment Re:backhoe fade (Score 1) 316

This me of a time when one of the most prolific email spammers was taken down for a short while due to an accidental encounter between a piece of construction equipment and their local fiber optic connection.

Comments quickly spread about how someone finally implemented a "Realtime Backhoe List".

Comment Re: I disagree that this tool should be illegal (Score 1) 95

Is causing damage to paper targets and watermelons, etc. considered an unacceptable use. You do realize that 99.9999999999% of privately purchased weapons are not used for any other purpose,don't you?

Watermelons? Is Gallagher doing his comedy shows with a Sledge-o-semiauto-matic now?

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