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Comment Yup, only a matter of time (Score 1) 313

Fines and or jail time for printing items that you don't have a right to the IP is only a few short years away. Unlike downloading music which you can kinda delete and hide, you now have a tangible object. Which is not only harder to get rid of it's easier for a jury to relate to and conceptualize the loss from said activities.

Comment You still need the ammunition (Score 1) 313

A gun without ammo is just a paper weight. Furthermore, the ammo is worth more than the gun as you can just make a zip gun instead. Why buy a 3D printer, wait awhile for the gun to print, when for a fraction of the cost you can make zip gun? You can make so many zip guns for the cost of a 3D printer.

Comment Great story on this! (Score 4, Funny) 200

In Montgomery County MD they use traffic camera vans that they drive out and park on the side of the road. Locals obviously know but outsiders do not. Any ways, out in Poolesville, MD they took the plate off of the traffic camera van, put it on a similar van, and sped past many times racking up huge points and fines.

Comment We want them to use websites (Score 3, Interesting) 275

That way we can gather intel! If we push them off of the internet and back onto the sneakernet then we will have a much harder time getting information. We'll need to find and infiltrate the cells, gain trust, let some incidents happen as a calculated risk in order to get deeper into the organization, etc.

At least this way if they post we can determine the time, possible location, IP addresses, we can set up taps to capture PCAPs and further enumerate, the list goes on and on.

Comment With the success of JLENS, should we? (Score 1) 38

Or the F-35 or other "research projects" that the DoD seems to be spending money on that go nowhere? That "intelligent" fence along the border that costs millions but only covers 35 miles or something.

Clearly, their are people who are looking to retire into a C-level position and are kicking these programs off.

Comment Over 72% of the population is white (Score 1) 196

It'll take awhile to level that out. So, just rounding to make it easier and assuming 50/50 splits on race we have:

36% white male
36% white female
6.5% black male
6.5% black female
4.5% mixed male
4.5% mixed female
2.5% asian male
2.5% asian female

And then we have a really small amount of Native American/Alaskans/Hawaiins/etc...

So, when we read these articles on how there is too many white males or whites in general in any job, we have to normalize for the existing populations.

Comment Kinda short review for 480 pages (Score 2) 19

I mean, did he read past page 100? This short of a review may have worked when I was in elementary school for a kids book but I think for a book with 480 pages and is supposed to be used to gain knowledge in the field of cyber security, we need more. This is more like an ad copy than anything.

All these books list the common tools like nmap, wireshark, kali, and use virtualization for the lab, which book doesn't?

What makes this first edition book of an already well covered topic worth my time and money?

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