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Comment Re:undocumented immigrant (Score 1) 440

This is not a fair argument. The problem is not with religion as a whole, it is that the religion being talked about or being displayed is a very thin slice of what religion is. The is the very definition of respecting an establishment of religion. If you value the constitution that display must go. Now if you wanted to have a weekly prayer choosing a different religion each week that would satisfy me, even as a rabid atheist. I doubt in the situations you are complaining about you would accept that.

Comment Re:Still pretty affordable (Score 2) 393

Is that all you got? During the same time the R's were all in favor of propping up the banks. Why were they not in favor of propping up the auto industry? Was it because the auto industry employed people with low incomes and had unions? You would have to do a lot to convince me otherwise. You can argue all you want the CFC was a wealth transfer but it kept a lot of blue collared works employed during the worst recession of my lifetime. But keep saying that both sides are bad. I know it's not true and I vote.

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