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Comment Probably ... in a distant future (Score 2) 685

I'm also sure the PC as we know it will disappear or at least change radically, but probably not in the next 10 years. Their mainstream adoption, in the meantime, will probably fall back to the same proportion as people who had PC in the 90's; people who wanted PC because they wanted a PC, not because it became a common household item and a commodity.

Ultimately, I think the trend will go toward wearable computers and perhaps personal household servers when people realize the "cloud" is probably just that: vapor. You will probably end-up with some kind of G modem on your belt, a display/keyboard on your wrist and an earpiece, all connected to your home-server and/or cloud.

Comment Re:Price! (Score 1) 1162

I would have to agree on that one. For me, price is the major show-stopper as I would love nothing more than have my stuff in HD, however, there is no way in hell I'm going to pay 50-100% more just for that (considering I don't even have a surround sound system to benefit from that aspect). To me, HD should be 10-25% more at most, or just make it a fixed 5$ more :P.

Comment I call bullshit! (Score 1) 133

Looking at the spec, I'm sure this PC isn't able to run all the current top games (unless you run at minimum resolution/settings at which point most games will look better on a 300$ PS3). The PC uses an ATI 5670 which was never, even at release date, considered a gaming card; even in XFire this thing would probably not deliver. Had the build included a 5770 and then added a 2nd one later on, the claim could hold some ground, but not this one.

Still it's a nice triple display setup.

Comment Re:And the best part... (Score 5, Insightful) 815

Isn't that the case for almost everything? We have many "observed" universal behaviors, but did anyone really break the fundamental working to explain the universe? For instance, I think nobody has been able to explain gravity; I think they tried to explain it using a particle called graviton, but nothing was ever proven.

Moreover, many things were actually discovered before they could be explained. At one point, unless it can be dangerous (which could apply in this case), the fact that it simply works should be enough for most people.

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