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Comment Re:Not so special (Score 2) 572

I'd like to see those sysadmin having a problem with their checks and being told "no no, you can't talk to anyone in HR or the payroll department directly, are you crazy?

I think that's the case in lots of big companies? It certainly is where I work, there's a big central HR helpdesk ticket system.

Comment Re:800,000 Applications (Score 1) 305

There are different levels of a game 'working' though. As you say, playing with a controller is very different to playing with a touchscreen. A single player Android FPS with dificulty tuned for touchscreen is going to be much easier with a controller or a mouse plugged in.

Are all those Android game developers going to tune for controller and/or Keyboard&Mouse when the market size is so much smaller? It's not just a matter of "it's Android so the games all work".

Comment Re:Press charges against Murdoch and Brooks (Score 1) 135

Sure, I'm not suggesting the NOTW shouldn't be held responsible. But it just seems a little hypocritical for tabloid readers to spend years avidly reading the kind of intrusive stories described by the OP, only to then turn round and act horrified when they discover they were created using dodgy practices.

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