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Comment Re:Cheating (Score 0) 448

I suppose I'm expecting too much.

I viewed online forums as a place for discussion and discourse.
But in order to have any discourse that is worth a damn, opposing view points will both have to get air.

But in online forums like Slashdot and Reddit with downmod/downvote buttons controlled by the masses, everything comes down to mob rule.
It's kind of hard to discuss anything when you are getting shouted-down (or in this case down-modded/voted into invisibility) with cries of "Four legs good, two legs bad.".

I have turned back into a lurker on Reddit and considering doing so on Slashdot as well - Reddit is 10x worse due to everyone having mod privileges; I just go there for kitten pics and rage comics now.

I beginning to feel Benjamin the donkey was right,

things never had been, nor ever could be much better or much worse – hunger, hardship, and disappointment being, so he said, the unalterable law of life

Human nature hasn't changed since 1945, might as well sit back and enjoy the ride.

Comment Re:Cheating (Score -1, Troll) 448

Save your breathe.

The subgroup of Slashdotters who visit topics like these are extremely pro-hacking.
They worship people like Geohot like heroes.

Downvotes are the only thing you will get here, if you interrupt the hivemind circlejerk, whether you deserve it or not.
You are marked "flamebait" now, although there is nothing inflammatory about your post.

This is the new Slashdot that came with the death of the old meta-moderation system I suppose.

I recommend next time you see a Sony topic, just pop in and post:

I will never buy from Sony again!! Fuck them!

Instant "+5 Insightful".

Although it has practically no content. LOL

Comment Re:Well, maybe (Score 1) 450

Over all I think it would be nice to move to 24-bit since space is rapidly becoming a total non-issue and it just avoids it ever being a problem. Kinda like moving past 8-bits per channel for video. However I don't think it is a big issue and it isn't something I'll tell people they gotta have. "CD quality" has endured precisely because it is "good enough" for most things. Maybe not perfect, but you don't really notice any problems in normal use and that's what matters.

Ya, I was thinking why not as well?

16 bits @ 44.1khz has some "theoretical limits" as you stated, with 24 bits @ 96khz we have more than met the limits of human hearing and have pretty much gone into overkill territory.
This will be the last format upgrade.

While 24 bits @ 96khz is about ~4x as large as 16 bits @ 44.1khz, but it isn't the 90s any more where a 10GB hard drive was large. We are now have 1TB hard drives, a 100x jump in capacity.

Comment Re:Well... (Score 1) 105

It isn't happening on Google controlled Android market either. /shrug

Let just be thankful it's a virus that spreads due to user carelessness and not one that spreads via a weakness in Android's security.

The latter one is going to be a bitch to patch with Android's "unreliable" updating on various phones.

Comment Re:Nokia is dead (Score 1) 212

Even Intel has had unpleasant dealings with MS. *cough*xbox1*cough*

But they are big enough that MS can't do much about them.

Even they know going along with MS is a bad idea in the long haul, you never know when they will backstab you once you have outlived your usefulness / when it's to their advantage.

Hence their investment in Linux.

Comment Re:The saga continues (Score 1) 470

The "rules" of the game is pretty much common sense, it's defined as "rules" which must be followed if the model is to sustain itself.

While Sony can't put a gun to your head to make you follow the rules - separate issue from Geohot's hacking, which is a case of DMCA violation.
They are betting on enough people doing so to make it profitable.

It's a risky model, but it has worked well enough.

Most people don't have a problem with it, it's appreciated that the few of you that do have an issue with it just avoid the product, instead of gumming up the works for the rest of us.

Hey, I have a car to sell you, it's cheaper than any other car on the market. BUT... you can only use my gas, which is two times the price of the market. And you can only use parts you buy from me, again at double the price of others. And if you don't follow those rules, I'll come to your house and seize it, and all your tools because you used them to break MY rules.

Nothing wrong with that, if those conditions have been stated at the start, and if you have the choice to not buy that car.

Comment Re:Business model vs. law (Score 1) 470

I'm aware of that.

But getting everyone to hire a lawyer when buying a PS3 to look over a contact is not going to work.

It's more of a implicit agreement.

I think it should stay, it works pretty well, except for a stubborn few - the few who also have a choice to buy an alternate product that satisfy the same needs.

Comment Re:The saga continues (Score 1) 470

Sony outsources too, it's all made in China.

Their CPUs are made by Toshiba, they don't have any fabs now.

It's not dumping, they sell it at break even or a little below break even, MS does the same thing.

Both got billions of dollars in R&D to recoup, except one is filthy rich from 2 monopolies, the other has been struggling for the past decade or so and had to get a bailout from the Japanese government recently.

Comment Re:The saga continues (Score 1) 470

Citation needed.

Components for the PS3 and 360 are about in the same league, the differences in cost can't be much, an efficient process can only save you so much.

Throughout the PS3 life span Sony has been desperatly trying to get the price down. They would sell it cheaper, and increase their install base, if they could.

And also note, it's not just manufacturing and component cost they have to recoup, there is setup and R&D cost running into the billions as well.

Comment Re:The saga continues (Score 1) 470

The model at it's essence is Sony sells the console cheap to you, you buy games where they take a cut so they can recover their expenses.

They enforce the model by copyright protection, and mind you Sony isn't the only one demanding copy protection, publishers want it very much as well.

If you don't like their enforcement, you are free to not buy the product. There are "free" alternatives like PC that come unemcumbled.

Yes, it does not gel with your specific concept of ownership, but it's a decent enough trade model.
Sony provides a service/product under certain conditions, you pay them.
Goods and services gets produced, producers get paid.

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