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Submission + - Ferrari's douchbaggery response to years-long fan devotion on Facebook (

Bysshe writes: Ferrari, having been very successful in offline branding, had a criminal copyright case filed against them by a fan who's built up their most popular Facebook page over the past years. Ferrari took control of the page despite no money ever being made off the page. Ferrari's attitudes are much like the music industry's archaic approach to protecting their intellectual properly. The law (at least in the EU, where Ferrari is based) clearly states that fans have the right and own the intellectual property of their fan pages and yet companies that are highly dependent on fans seem determined to use legal tricks to enforce protectionist attitudes instead of taking the more successful route of accelerating the activities of their fans through clear and enthusiastic support.

Submission + - Why doesn't m.Slashdot work without cookies?

An anonymous reader writes: I turned cookies off on Chrome on my Nexus and Slashdot will no longer load unless I request the desktop site. No other site has problems, by m.slashdot just shows up blank. Why /., why?

Submission + - Nuclear Power Prevents More Deaths Than It Causes (

MTorrice writes: NASA researchers have compared nuclear power to fossil fuel energy sources in terms of greenhouse gas emissions and air pollution-related deaths. Using nuclear power in place of coal and gas power has prevented some 1.8 million deaths globally over the past four decades and could save millions of more lives in coming decades, concludes their study. The pair also found that nuclear energy prevents emissions of huge quantities of greenhouse gases. These estimates help make the case that policymakers should continue to rely on and expand nuclear power in place of fossil fuels to mitigate climate change, the authors say.

Comment Re:I am disappoint (Score 1) 86

Discovery News should learn not to point their links to the wrong articles... Anyway, here we go: OTHERWORLDLY SPRITES MAY SIGNAL ALIEN LIFE

Because sprites are connected to lightning, and lightning plays a key role in many theories concerning how life first developed on Earth, it stands to reason that the existence of sprites on other planets (both in our own solar system and others) may be something to look out for when searching for signs of alien life, according to Dubrovin.

Comment Here we go again... (Score 1) 160

Paine argues that foreign insect pests have been deliberately introduced in the Golden State, in hopes of decimating the state's population of eucalyptus

Timothy Paine seems awfully knowledgeable of these terrorists' specific goal of removing 1/10 of the population of Eucalyptus trees.

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