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Comment Re:if everyone ignored the quacks... (Score 1) 650

Anarchist and other anti-capitalist philosophy has a somewhat different definition of property, that is *always* causing statements like this to come up. To clarify:

Property is something you own by law - for example, a factory, acres of land, an idea, rights to do this that or the other, someone elses' work. It contrasts with...
Possession. Something you *physically own*, for example, your toothbrush or radio, or smartphone, or (at a stretch) the house you live in.

We oppose the former, but support the latter.

Comment Re:Not impossible, but very unlikely (Score 1) 311

To address your points - yes, violent crime is relatively low, but even ONE dead guy at the hands of the police is somethign that should be investigated and dealt with, and is a major problem. No police officer should be killing people needlessly, nevermind innocent people. And people are objected to it - politicians, on the other hand, are not. And while we do not have the US bipartisan system, none of the major parties are for stepping down this. Massive voter apathy doesn't help things.

Comment Re:Not impossible, but very unlikely (Score 1) 311

"not the average bobby on the beat"

And when was the last time you saw one of those?

In my area of North London it's weeks maybe even months between sightings.

Last? Earlier this morning. Time before? A couple of days ago. Any evening I go out into town there's a few wandering. There's usually one patrolling the rest of town too. I'm not fan of the police, but I see them quite often.

It's funny.  Laugh.

Free (As In Speech) Beer, V2.0 266

AgentPaper writes "Three years ago we discussed an open source brewing project in which a Danish brewer made his beer recipes available for public consumption and alteration. The concept has taken off, first with the 'Free Beer Project' in Denmark and now with Flying Dog's 'Collaborator' Doppelbock in the US, which was created via input from home brewers across the world. One version of the Collaborator is commercially brewed and available for purchase (and is darned tasty), but you can download the same recipe and labels, brew it yourself, and submit your mods back to the project."

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