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Comment Re:Aptitude (Score 3, Insightful) 769

The component will either bear the load or it will not...

...subject to limits on our knowledge of the material's properties, batch-to-batch variations of material composition, manufacturing variations, transport and handling damage, assembly methods, ambient conditions, sensor error, degradation over time, controls failures, operator error, etc. etc.

Black and white discipline, huh? I bet you write code for a living.

PC Gamers Too Good For Consoles Gamers? 324

thsoundman sends in a blog post from Rahul Sood, CTO of HP's gaming business, who claims there was once a project in development at Microsoft to let Xbox users compete against PC users playing the same game. According to Sood, the project was killed because the console players kept getting destroyed by their PC counterparts. He wrote, "Those of us who have been in the gaming business for over a decade know the real deal. You simply don't get the same level of detail or control as you do with a PC over a console. It's a real shame that Microsoft killed this — because had they kept it alive it might have actually increased the desire of game developers and gamers alike to continue developing and playing rich experiences on the PC, which would trickle down to the console as it has in the past."

Comment Float (Score 1) 494

Although some critics contend paperless deposits are an attempt by the banking industry to eliminate 'float,' the standard one- or two-day waiting period between the time someone writes a check and the time the money is actually taken out of their account

How about eliminating the other kind of float, where the bank gets a free loan of your money for the period of several days between the time they take it out of the check writer's account and the time it gets "cleared" to the depositor's account.

Comment Re:Design (Score 3, Informative) 144

I am a designer for a large gas turbine engine manufacturer, and I have to agree that there is still a lot that we just don't understand well enough or can't model adequately. Combustion noise, liquid atomization, fatigue/creep interaction, etc. We do all kinds of FEA and CFD analysis, but still spend tens of millions of dollars on testing to back up those simulations.

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