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Comment Re:It's a myth... (Score 2) 266

So it's highly dependent on what you think could happen, and what satisfies your sense of sufficiency. Of course, your time needs to be weighed against the cost of failure from the bug manifesting itself. Despite all that's been invested in development methodology, this is remains a black art.

Comment Re:Threshold (Score 1) 409

What is the unemployment threshold going to be? When unemployment caused by automation, robotics, etc reaches 10%? 15%... 20%..?

In the coming decades more and more people worldwide will become unemployable, and they will have nothing to do or any way to make a living?

How are governments and communities going to respond?

They will respond, out of perceived necessity, with further militarization of the police and surveillance of the activities of the unemployed. The revolution will be drone-struck before it can strike the first blow.

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