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Comment Re:Author! Author! (Score 1) 213

Linus Torvalds, creator of git, recommends linux, exclusively, I think. He probably would request Windows based developers never used git at all. Historically, if I remember correctly, Windows was not ever target platform for the core developer team led by Torvalds. It runs on Windows only for the efforts of those who did not 'create' it. When git came out, how much crying there was over the absence of a gui. What horror, command line interface ONLY!

Submission + - 3D view in Superbowl LI....more to come. (

Zecheus writes: Some slashdot readers may have interest in American football and applied technology at the 'Superbowl' to be played on February 4 featuring the clubs from Atlanta and Boston: "Advanced cameras strategically placed in the rafters of NRG Stadium in Houston will add a completely new element to FOX's broadcast of Super Bowl LI." The new element? 3D view from field level perspective. The technology sponsor/provider, Intel, calls the feature: "Be the player."

Comment Re:Why won't Democrats support the outcome? (Score 1) 1321

The scientist does not believe he has evidence. See his blog. He basically has nothing: "Were this year’s deviations from pre-election polls the results of a cyberattack? Probably not. I believe the most likely explanation is that the polls were systematically wrong, rather than that the election was hacked. But I don’t believe that either one of these seemingly unlikely explanations is overwhelmingly more likely than the other."

Comment You make no sense (Score 1) 465

A large corporation backed by millionaires and billionaires pre-exists Citizens United.....Large corporations like the New York Times! NYT Company has an annual revenue of $1.5B! The NYT Company SHOUTS support for its political position. Why can't opposing point of view also get published with the same intensity? Clinton's position against Citizen United is self-serving. You are a patsy.

Comment no. (Score 1) 465

I expect a poor job from Government. Hillary Clinton plans to propose a change to the First Amendment of the US Constitution. If this regulation were in place, it would have suppressed speech against her. Isn't suppressing negative opinions the act of a repressive, despotic government? She is likely to win, and make good her promise. Bad. (The NY Times is not a 'person', either). Reference: Citizens United.

Comment Video doesn't exculpate the pilot (Score 1) 664

In addition to what's stated above, the homeowner maybe doesn't even know the limitation of the drone. How close does it have to get? Where is the camera pointing? What power is the zoom?
I served a few weeks in grand jury in Monmouth County, New Jersey. I'm not an expert, but to indict for terrorist threat, it was enough to show that the victim felt threatened. It doesn't really matter, like in this case, that technically due to limitation of the device, he was not ever in danger. The owner just publicized the evidence that can be used against him.

Comment I'm stodgy (Score 1) 319

From the perspective of a stodgy enterprise java developer, I don't find the 'common language' argument compelling. The advantage is limited to common syntax and runtime model of the javascript/node environment. However, the problem space is quite different: on the client the task is user interaction, user interface design, translating user requests into backend data requests which can block and call back. On the server side, ACID data persistence and business logic including backend service integration. I think these problems create a greater separation of client and server developers than the programming language. Someone very good at user interface design may not have the chops for ACID data persistence, and vice versa, EVEN IF the programming language and runtime model are the same. After 15 years programming java, I picked up javascript rather quickly. I can do the transactional business logic development in jee with cross concerns of security and concurrency, but if I used javascript to write a user interface, I need more learning beyond javascript. I think 'full stack' developers are quite rare. Declaring oneself as such would be a mistake if one's ground to say so is only the programming language is common to both by happenstance.

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